Is there really a best instant coffee? If you had asked me last year i would have said an emphatic “NO!” But things seem to have improved slightly this year in regards to the quality of some brands of instant coffee. Now trying to find a good instant coffee is not really a big deal if that is all you are used to drinking on a daily basis. But if you are used to either coffee from a cafetiere or even a single serve coffee machine then you will know as well as i do that if you then try to drink a cup ofRead More →

Exercise is important to achieving and sustaining your optimal health. While cardiovascular exercise may be popular (and for good reason: it helps to condition the heart and lungs, improves circulation, controls blood pressure and increases endurance), strength training with exercises like weight lifting is just as vital to overall health. In fact, strength training (also known as resistance training or weight-bearing exercise) offers benefits that cardiovascular exercise alone cannot offer. Learn more about strength training, what it can do for you and simple ways to incorporate it into your lifestyle. Why Strength Training? As we get older, we lose our muscle. Research indicates that afterRead More →