Best Mailbox

When you’re expecting more than junk mail, getting mail may be one of the best parts in a day. Whether you call for an attached mailbox or you search high and low for the best unit for your home, one thing is sure: there are myriads of options and models to choose from.

Hold your horses just yet since you cannot only move the street-side box to the front porch whenever you feel like it. You have to get in touch with the U.S. Postal Service and make sure you got the green lights for the significant change. Even if you’re allowed to do it, you still need permission for the new mailbox.

How many types of residential mailboxes are there?

Apart from the wide selection of colors for the mailboxes, there are also so many kinds to choose from. It’s a good thing since you can find the model that matches your home’s décor the best way, but it can also get overwhelming. How can you know for sure which type fits your home and needs the best way?

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the most significant types of mailboxes:

  • Mail slots

This type of mailbox is effective and dependable since it’s highly secured, with the mail being deposited straight inside your home. It’s an excellent choice for the walk up mail delivery, especially since you may install it through a wall or a door.

  • Post mount roadside mailboxes

No matter what you think, curbside mail delivery still is accessible. You can get non-locking or locking mailboxes, according to your needs and the level of security you have in your neighborhood.

Newspaper holders, mailbox lettering in numerous styles and sizes, and address plaques are only some of the many features that count for the final price and value of your mailbox.

  • Wall-mounted mailboxes

Some people still feel the thrill of walk-up mail delivery, in which case a wall mount mailbox is an ideal option. You can choose between non-locking and locking models, with some units including newspaper holder as well.

  • Column mount mailboxes

Also known as roadside mailboxes, the mailboxes are made to be tightly recessed into a column. Concrete, stucco, and other materials are standard options for the materials. They come in many designs, for better fitting into your home’s décor.

  • Large locking mailboxes

The home-based business and online ordering lead to a constant need of having larger mailboxes. They can fit a lot of mail, but also small packages and padded envelopes.

Rural mailbox- the everlasting model

Resembling a small tunnel, with an arched top and flat bottom, back, and front, the rural mailboxes take a special place on the market. The iconic metal mailbox with a red flag on the side was designed in 1915 by one USPS employee. Unfortunately for him, it remained unpatented, and the mailbox soon became the universal model for postal delivery for many years.

What size of the mailbox should you get?

Once you know which type of mailbox you need, and like, you should also decide on the size, you need to consider the quantity and types of mail you typically receive.

A small to medium-sized mailbox work great for anyone receiving an average volume of mail nine times out of ten.

If you get high volumes of mail or large parcels more often than not, it’s better that you look for a large mailbox with generous storage capacity.

If you typically receive rolled newspapers, bundled mail, envelopes, shoe boxes, medium and large boxes, you should purchase an extra-large mailbox.

One last suggestion

The variety of models may intimidate when you don’t know what you need nor want. Ask your friends and neighbors and have a chat with some working at the post office. They may give you the best piece of advice when selecting your mailbox.

Top 7

   1. Gibraltar Mailboxes Classic Small Capacity

Anyone looking for a stylish and small mailbox should take a look at the Gibraltar Mailboxes Classic Small Capacity Galvanized Steel Black.


The unit is a looker, but it doesn’t disappoint in terms of build or overall value either. It’s made with galvanized steel which presents rust resistance, whereas the black powder-coat finish increases its strength to elements.

The design is functional, and the unit comes with a tab style lid, which is easy to lift. Even though it’s small, it still provides great space for average volume deliveries.

The decorative emblem (fleur-de-lis) is optional, and many are going to mount it for the aesthetic value of the unit.

Despite the fact the unit doesn’t come with mounting hardware, it comes with a mounting guide for straightforward installation. Some assembly may be needed as well, so make sure you have a couple of minutes at hand.

Lightweight, yet durable, the mailbox is a small and elegantly looking unit that comes for a bargain price.

Here are the pros we’re considering:

  • It’s small, yet big enough for fitting average volume deliveries
  • It’s made with galvanized steel with black powder-coat finish
  • It has a sturdy build, yet it’s lightweight
  • It includes an optional fleur-de-lis emblem for more beautiful design

Beggars cannot be choosers, so you should expect some flaws for the money you’re paying:

  • Not everyone finds the emblem easy to snap in place
  • It doesn’t come with wall mount hardware

All in all, the mailbox is a pretty looking, robust, and well-made mailbox that you should take into consideration when buying.

   2. Gibraltar Mailboxes Elite Medium Capacity

Even if you go shopping on a limited budget, you shouldn’t lose hope since there’s plenty of fish in the sea. The Gibraltar Mailboxes Elite Medium Capacity Galvanized Steel Bronze, Post-Mount Mailbox isn’t impressing only with its low price, but also with the overall value.


It’s a medium-capacity for the mailbox which is big enough for fitting magazines, boxes, and even padded envelopes.

The construction is excellent, with the unit being made of rust-resistant galvanized steel for increased stability and strength. The bronze powder-coated finish makes the unit rust-resistant and able to handle the elements.

You can personalize the box since it has space on the door for placing the address or numbers. The door latch is adjustable, and you can alter it for getting a tighter grip.

The unit comes with pre-drilled holes so that you can mount it on the side or bottom of the post. It comes entirely assembled, which makes installation a breeze. Keep in mind that it doesn’t come with mounting hardware.

The mailbox looks beautiful, with the embedded eagle on front sealing the deal for many.

Here’s our view on the good stuff:

  • It’s a medium-capacity for the unit
  • It’s made with rust-resistant galvanized steel with powder-coated finish
  • It features holes for both side or bottom installation
  • It’s well made and looks nice

The minor problems don’t undermine its value in any way:

  • The unit could have a better design for the flag
  • Some question its durability

For the buck you’re paying, the mailbox is a dependable and excellent looking option, and you shouldn’t skip it when buying under budget.

   3. Rustic Galvanized Metal Bird Post MailBox

In all fairness, we all like a vintage feel on our porch any time and then. It’s why the Rustic Galvanized Metal Bird Post MailBox may satisfy many out there.


The vintage style mailbox has a lovely appearance with the flying bird and floral vine embossing. It can give your porch the bohemian feeling you’ve been looking for a while now.

The mailbox is made with galvanized iron in a distressed finish, and its aesthetics remain the main selling point. However, the mailbox passes the durability test and has a long-lasting build.

The functionality isn’t sacrificed, with the unit presenting two different openings for letters and a lid so that larger mail can fit too. The cover may be locked, solving the safety problem

Small, lightweight, and easy to install, the mailbox is going to look amazing on any farmhouse, porch, chic room, or Victorian-style house.

Let’s go over the best parts once more:

  • It has a vintage appearance and looks cute
  • It includes two different openings for letters and a lockable lid
  • It’s made with galvanized iron in a distressed finish
  • The installation is a breeze, and the unit comes with mounting hardware

Far from being deal breakers, the downsides only complete its picture:

  • Some think that it’s overpriced
  • The door may not close properly at times

The mailbox still stands out as a lightweight, durable, and easy to mount mailbox that gives a vintage feeling to any décor.

   4. Salsbury Industries 4615BLK Traditional Mailbox

There are many good things to like about the Salsbury Industries 4615BLK Traditional Mailbox, with the excellent build and beautiful appearance being the most important to notice.


The mailbox is very well made with electro-galvanized 20-gauge steel and takes the elements for a good amount of time. The long-lasting powder-coated finish expands the lifespan and comes in black, beige, white, and green for a more attractive appearance.

The unit includes 5” detachable magazine hooks for easier installation, coming in both vertical and horizontal style. You can surface mount the unit, with the hinges taking snow and storms really well.

The design is smart, with the metal privacy panel ensuring intimacy for your mail. The bumper underneath the lid eliminates the noise when using the mailbox, and only increases its overall value.

The unit is heavyweight in the right way and has a durability feel to it, with installation running smoothly nine times out of ten.

We like several things on the unit:

  • It’s made with galvanized steel and has a durable powder-coated finish
  • It’s rugged, durable, and very well made
  • It has a matte finish and looks nice
  • Many features increase its value

Don’t make a tragedy out of the minor nitpicks:

  • It has no locking feature
  • Installing the “privacy plate” may be tricky

For the excellent build, helpful features, and durable construction, the mailbox is a good buy on any given day.

   5. Mailmaster Hudson Mailbox

When a simple mailbox isn’t doing it for you, and you want a bit more, take a leap of faith with the Step2 Mailmaster Hudson Mailbox with Planter.


The mailbox comes with a planter, so it’s not only functional but also nice looking, improving the looks of your post. You can easily mount it on a post, and it comes with the hardware you need for mounting. There’s minimal adult assembly required for this one, which only makes it more appealing to many.

The looks are going to draw attention, with the color combinations (black, white, and gold flag) looking classy and beautiful in any décor.

The design is smart, and the newspaper holder underneath the mailbox is going to maintain the papers dry and clean. The mailbox door comes with a magnetic latch for securing your mail.

The overall build and the craftsmanship are good quality, with the entire mailbox and planter taking the use for a long time. The heavy-duty poly build is both vandal and weather resistant.

Let’s have another look at the best parts:

  • It’s a mailbox, post and a planter altogether
  • It looks great, and it’s well made
  • It includes a newspaper holder as well
  • It has the right size and is weather and vandal resistant

Don’t mind the issues, as they’re not concerning:

  • You need some skills for installation
  • The inside dimensions of the mailbox are a bit narrow

You get a mailbox, a planter, and a post with just one price, so why sit on the fence about it?

   6. Salsbury Industries Heavy Duty Rural Mailbox

The black body with the red flag is going to be the first things to notice on the Salsbury Industries 4850BLK Heavy Duty Rural Mailbox. However, the mailbox is more than meets the eye.


The build is impressive, with the body being made with 1.8″ thick extruded aluminum and the front door and rear cover made with 1/8″ thick die-cast aluminum. The door is attached to the body with full-width stainless steel hinge, for smoother operation. The powder-coated finish increases the durability to rust and elements, and you can choose from various colors: green, white, beige, or black. It also includes an adjustable red signal flag and a magnetic door latch for security.

The capacity is generous, and the mailbox is highly versatile, allowing mount on posts, wall, masonry, and columns.

It’s a USPS approved unit that falls in the heavy-duty rural mailboxes category. It doesn’t come with hardware kits, but it’s not a deal-breaker for us.

Let’s check the positive aspects once again:

  • It has an aluminum body and thick die-cast aluminum front door and rear cover
  • The stainless steel hinges attach the door to the body, for smoother operation
  • You may mount it on masonry, wall, posts, and columns
  • It has a sturdy build and looks nice

We don’t see the flaws as deal breakers:

  • It may not fit on all ports so that some work may be required
  • Installation isn’t easy for the less experienced

The mailbox is a nice looking, long-lasting, and durable choice that is worth every single penny.

   7. Painted Amish Mailbox

If you go big on the hand made mailboxes, you should make the splurge and get yourself the Painted Amish Mailbox.


It’s an Amish style painted mailbox that comes with Cedar Shake Roof with a natural finish. It looks fantastic and makes a beautiful detail on anyone’s sidewalk.

The front opening door comes with a pull knob, and the mailbox impresses with the details. It’s handcrafted in the USA by Amish Craftsmen, taking the use for many years to come. It’s made so that it resembles a barn and you can mount it on any standard post. The windows on the side improve its cute looks, for sure.

The mailbox is very well made, and the door is easy to open/close. It has a functional capacity, and it’s larger than expected.

Even if you may have to weather-treat the wood for expanding the lifespan, the mailbox is always an attractive and durable choice.

Let’s have another look at the positive aspects:

  • The Amish craftsmen handcraft it
  • It resembles a barn and has a cute design
  • It’s made of wood, whereas the door and knob are plastic
  • It’s larger than expected and has a durability feel to it

We’re not worried about the downsides:

  • It doesn’t include mounting hardware
  • Not everyone fancies the advertisement on the front

No matter the minor problems, the mailbox is a cute looking and durable wood unit that serves you for a reasonable amount of time.

Best locking mailbox

   1. Mail Manager Curbside Locking Security Mailbox

If you worry about the security of your mail and need a locking model, you should take a leap of faith with the Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Curbside Locking Security Mailbox.


The mailbox is made with 14 and 16-gauge galvanizes welded steel, which protects it against vandalism. It features a particular baffle door which takes small packages, parcels, and a box of checks. The patented Anti-Pry latch lock mechanism prevents leveraged entry with a screwdriver, with the anti-pick disc wafer lock increasing the security.

You may lock the access door with commercial grade high-security wafer lock. You may easily install it on a wooden post or rail, as the mailbox comes with four lag bolts, drill bit, and installation template. The instructions are easy to follow for mounting.

The mailbox is USPS approved, and it’s a full-service residential mailbox that comes with three keys and package bin mailer

Let’s check the right things once again:

  • It features an Anti-pry latch lock mechanism to reduce the risk for leveraged entry
  • It comes with baffle door, so it takes small parcels, a box of checks, and packages
  • You can lock it down with high-security wafer lock
  • It has a good build, and it’s easy to mount

We’re not worried about the downsides:

  • Heavy rain may wet your mail due to the design of the mailbox
  • The mail drop area isn’t large enough for some

Regardless of the minor issues, the mailbox is an affordable option within its category, and you should check it when your wallet is thin.

   2. Mail Boss 7208  Mailbox

The patented Fast-Trak Mounting Plate of the Mail Boss 7208  Mailbox is one of its best assets, but the mailbox is a lot more than that.


The USPS approved mailbox has a large capacity, and it’s a high security locking model made with 12- and 14-gauge electro-galvanized steel for longer lifespan and strength.

The anti-pry latch locking mechanism and the 12-wafer disk lock are some of the features of the mailbox, whereas the Mail Shield technology protects the mail and parcels from thieves. The locking access door presents a commercial-grade high-security wafer lock, increasing the security of your mail.

Due to the Fast-Trak Mounting Plate, installation is a breeze, and you can mount the mailbox on existing posts in a couple of minutes. The stainless steel hinges and the powder-coated finish give the mailbox extreme weather resistance.

The mailbox comes with reflective house numbers, three keys, four lag bolts, and drill bit for installation. The laser-cut brass keys come with more than 1,000 possible combinations, and the mailbox is ready to take the heavy-duty use for a long time.

Let’s have another look at the positive aspects:

  • It comes with 12-wafer disk lock and Mail Shield technology
  • It features high-security wafer lock, and it’s protected against thieves
  • It’s a large-capacity mailbox with baffle door bin design
  • It’s easy to install, and it’s weather-resistant

Don’t let the minor problems worry you much:

  • The paint may come off around the edges
  • Due to design, it’s a bit difficult for the mailman to figure it out

All in all, the mailbox is a great model for anyone looking for a locking mailbox, and you should make the splurge and buy it.

Best residential locking mailbox

   1. PEELCO Locking Modern Mailboxes

If you go for a clean and modern look for your mailbox, you should give it a try with the PEELCO Locking Modern Mailboxes for Outside.


The mailbox is made with galvanized stainless steel material, and it’s powder-coated, which makes it resistant to rust and weather. It’s 0.6mm thick, and it takes the use for a long time. Thanks to its design and material, the residential mailbox provides adequate security for your mail too.

The design is smart, and the mailbox comes with a magnetic lid, ensuring straightforward access to the mailbox with or without the key.

The modern appearance with soft close features make the mailbox an elegant, yet dependable option for a residence. The wall mount is easy, and the mailbox comes with four keys. The instructions for installation are user-friendly, and the mailbox has a generous capacity.

Let’s check the best things once again:

  • It has a modern and elegant appearance
  • It allows access with or without the cr thanks to the magnetic lid
  • The installation is easy
  • The capacity is generous, and the mailbox looks sturdy

Don’t let the cons stand in your way when deciding:

  • The mason anchors don’t seem sturdy enough
  • The lock could be stronger

Nevertheless, the mailbox is a dependable and affordable option for residential scenarios.

   2. Gibraltar Mailboxes Hemingway Security

Anyone looking for an elegant and durable mailbox should take a look at the Gibraltar Mailboxes HEK00B01 Hemingway Security Mailbox.


Since it’s built with heavy-duty cast aluminum, the mailbox is going to take the use for a long time. It’s a rust-resistant mailbox that has a powder-coated finish for more durability.  Not only that it’s durable and elegant, but it also comes with locking compartment safeguards that protect against vandalism.

The design ensures the security of your mail, with the internal locking compartment allowing delivery through the front slot and retrieve through the locking side-door.  An internal mail clip lets you place the outgoing mail, whereas the friendly mail flag is easy to pull. It’s made with aluminum for more durability.

Be aware that the mailbox requires assembly and hardware for mounting. However, all the mounting, construction, and installation hardware is included in the box. You may install the pedestal post on a 4×4 wooden post (it’s not in the box) or you can bolt it to the concrete pad for more stability.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It’s made with heavy-duty, powder-coated cast aluminum
  • It’s durable and has an elegant profile
  • The design is smart so that it secures the ingoing/outgoing mail
  • It’s spacious and very well made

Don’t worry about the inherent nitpicks:

  • It’s not pure white, according to some
  • You only get two keys for the mailbox

The mailbox makes a great impression for any residence, without compromising on the durability or security of your mail.

Best secure mailbox

   1. Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity

If you’re shopping on a fixed budget and want a secure mailbox, the Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum Black is one reliable option to consider.


The mailbox is made with aluminum and plastic and seems to be pretty durable. It provides medium capacity for your deliveries, whereas the locking features ensures the safety of your mail. The internal mail pick-up tray is going to store outgoing mail away from intruder’s eyes.

The design is well thought out, and the mailbox comes with heavy-duty access door with cam lock and two keys. It also features an outgoing mail flag, which makes it more practical.

You get all the hardware you need for installation, with the wall-mounting running most of the time smoothly.

The mailbox is easy to lock, and the lock has a durability feel to it.

Let’s check the positive things once more:

  • It’s made with aluminum and plastic, but it seems durable
  • It comes with locking features and outgoing mail flag
  • It provides medium capacity for the mail
  • It comes with hardware for wall mount

Don’t let the minor problems change your mind:

  • The risk for rusting isn’t null
  • The key doesn’t stay inside the lock, which is a bit weird

You should focus on the positive aspects as there are so many, with the mailbox managing to be a safe choice for both your mail and your wallet.

   2. CastleBox Designs Extra Large Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox

Even if the price may throw some off, the CastleBox Designs Extra Large Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox/Dropbox 10 Gauge Steel is an excellent purchase within the category.


It presents an indoor/outdoor design, which makes it versatile. It’s made with heavy-duty ten gauges galvanized steel and long-lasting powder-coated finish. Once again, the mailbox manages to prove its versatility since its build recommends it for both indoor and outdoor mounting.

When it comes to safety features, we need to mention the three-digit combination lock (easy to change) and the key lock that allows also changing.

The drop opening is significant, and it has a hopper style so that nobody can reach the envelopes, payments, or money bags. The anti-fishing teeth don’t let the items getting pulled out of the drop door, which is why you can use the mailbox for payment dropbox.

The mailbox also ticks the durability box since it has a welded build with stainless steel hinges. Installation can be done on concrete, brick, wood, or siding inside/outside. It comes with six pre-drilled mounting holes in the back and four mounting holes on the bottom for post mount. You also get the hardware for wall mounting.

Let’s have another look at the pros:

  • It’s a large capacity mailbox that you can wall-mount or use as a dropbox
  • It has a modern secure design which is lockable
  • It comes with anti-fishing teeth and critical lock set
  • It’s safe and has a durable build

Don’t mind the flaws as they’re minor:

  • The drop door doesn’t come with “Mail” written on it\
  • It’s not a cheap mailbox

The mailbox is a sturdy, safe, versatile, and long-lasting option that keeps mail secure. Why not take the plunge?

Best wall mount mailbox

   1. Gibraltar Mailboxes Woodlands

When you’re looking for a primary mailbox that is easy to wall mount, the Gibraltar Mailboxes Woodlands L4010WB0 is one logical choice to remember.


Despite its price, the mailbox is made with heavy-duty galvanized steel which makes it durable and rugged. The textured black powder-coat paint protects the mailbox against the outside elements, expanding the lifespan.

It’s a medium size for the capacity, which makes the mailbox large enough for taking bundles of mail and rolled newspapers.

The mailbox comes entirely assembled, and the cutout template eases out the installation. The vacant space may be used for adding numbers and letters, whereas the clean appearance makes the mailbox match any décor.

Even if the mailbox doesn’t come with the mounting hardware, it’s still a reliable option to consider.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It has a clean design and a sturdy build
  • The galvanized steel and the powder coat paint protect it from the elements
  • It has a functional capacity for rolled newspapers and mail
  • It’s easy to mount and looks nice

Don’t make a tragedy out of the minor issues:

  • The material is durable, but not very thick
  • It doesn’t include a flag post

Regardless of the small problems, the mailbox is still an affordable, rugged, and beautiful looking model not to skip when shopping on a budget.

   2. Metro Locking Security Wall Mount Mailbox

The Mail Boss 7162 Metro Locking Security Wall Mount Mailbox isn’t just a regular wall mount mailbox. It’s one that is also locking, comes with safety features that many appreciate.


The large capacity mailbox is made with 14- and 16- gauge electro-galvanized steel, which explains its durability and strength. There’s a powder-coated finish for the unit, protecting it against the weather conditions.

The security of the mailbox also comes from the patented anti-pry latching locking mechanism and the 12-wafer disc lock, which reduces the risk for leveraged entry. The anti-drill lock with flame hardened tool steel cam is also essential for the safety of the mail, helping the mailbox have efficient theft protection.

Installation shouldn’t pose challenges since the mailbox comes with an innovative mounting bracket. You may wall mount the unit on most surfaces, with the stainless steel hinges increasing the ruggedness of the mailbox.

The mailbox comes with reflective house numbers, and three laser cut keys, and four lag bolts and drill bit for installation.

On top of everything else, the unit looks elegant and gives a pleasant touch to any exterior.

There are several aspects that we like more:

  • It’s made with sturdy materials and handles the weather
  • It ensures fantastic safety for your mail
  • It features mounting bracket for easier installation
  • It looks elegant and strong

Don’t let the minor issues stand in your way when placing your order since they’re not many:

  • Not everyone goes for the mounting bracket
  • The flag is made with cheap plastic

Even if the mailbox isn’t all roses and rainbows, it’s still an elegant, rugged, safe and dependable option that you may wall-mount on your house.

Best rural mailbox

   1. Gibraltar Stanley Post Mount Jumbo Mailbox

More often than not, the great value and the low-price are going to seal the deal for the Gibraltar Stanley (ST200000) Post Mount Jumbo Mailbox. It’s one of the most popular models out there and one huge model to consider.


The mailbox fits several boxes, packages, padded envelopes, and it’s one of the extra-large rural models that takes excess use. It’s made with heavy-duty galvanized steel which makes it rugged and rust-resistant. It also presents a grey powder-coated finish which improves the weather and rust resistance.

Even if it’s not the safest choice, the mailbox comes with an adjustable door latch that may work in rural areas. It also features an aluminum outgoing mail flag, for more functionality.

You shouldn’t worry about the installation since the unit comes entirely assembles, easing out your efforts.

Sturdy and extra-large, the unit has a good weight, considering its size.

Here’s our take on the pros:

  • It has an extra-large capacity, fitting packages, boxes, and padded envelopes
  • It’s made with rust-resistant galvanized steel with powder-coated finish
  • It features adjustable door latch
  • It comes entirely assembled for fast installation

The cons aren’t deal breakers for us:

  • It’s not the safest choice, but that’s not a concern in rural areas
  • There are no instructions for connecting the flag

Whenever in need of an affordable and dependable rural mailbox, this one is a sure buy nine times out of ten.

   2. Rural Mailbox, Deluxe

The ruggedness and looks of the Rural Mailbox, Deluxe are going to seal the deal for many, rending the mailbox to be a wise investment for the long run.


The mailbox is made with 1/8″ thick extruded aluminum body, whereas the front door and the rear cover are made with 1/8″ thick die-cast aluminum. Either way, the unit is made with durable and sturdy materials, handing the long-time use. It also comes with powder coat finish that is both functional and aesthetical, helping the mailbox resist to rust and look elegant for many years to come.

The design is well thought out, with the loading front and mounting pedestal. The unit has a horizontal orientation and comes with a sturdy and red flag.

The craftsmanship is impressive, with the door opening/closing seamlessly. The mailbox is very well made and it’s thick and heavy, in the right way. The magnet for the door is robust, whereas the reinforced build makes the mailbox ready to take the use for a long time

Let’s check the positive things once more:

  • It’s made with aluminum for the body and die-cast aluminum for the door and rear cover
  • It has a strong magnet
  • The door opens/closes seamlessly
  • It’s very well made and looks elegant

Don’t let the downsides stand in your way when deciding:

  • Some noticed that the color is darker than pictured
  • It doesn’t come with mounting hardware

For the reinforced construction, elegant look, and impressive craftsmanship, the mailbox is always going to be a wise investment for your rural residence.

FAQs on mailboxes

Q: Will a rugged mailbox deter thieves?

A: Even though it’s essential, a heavy-duty build of the mailbox isn’t going to keep thieves away per se. Other security measures make the unit anti-theft. A safety lock, keys, and securing design are only a few to name.

Q: Does the USPS have specific guidelines for mailboxes?

A: The short answer is “yes,” and you cannot go with the very first model you find in the thrift store. Don’t hesitate to check the USPS website for getting all the information you need for selecting your mailbox. Be aware that some neighborhood or homeowner’s association may also have specific rules/guidelines about the acceptable mailboxes. Don’t go shopping until you have all the guidelines you need.

Q: Can you build your mailbox?

A: If you’re big on DIY, there’s no apparent reason for which you shouldn’t try to make your very own security mailbox. No matter how experienced you are, you still need to follow the USPS guidelines for mailboxes. Fundamentally, your very own and handmade inbox does fit within the guidelines. Making a secure mailbox, fits within the USPS guidelines, and looks good may be pricier than buying one. Let’s not forget about the time and patience, so give it a good thought before picking up your hammer.