Best 7 Micro Link Hair Extensions

Micro link hair extensions had gone a long way over the last years when it was only the celebrities wearing them. Nowadays, micro link hair extensions are available for the everyday consumer too. Besides, all women can have micro link hair extensions, no matter the hair texture or the installation methods.

What’s the brief description of Micro link hair extensions?

Micro link hair extensions (aka Microbead extensions) are hair constructions that one can use. They refer to the process of using cold fusion hair extension (i-tips) and/or weft hair extensions (bundles). They’re installed in the natural hair with hair pliers tools, using the microbeads for securing them.

It’s the “micro link/micro bead extensions” process that many use already. It gives a seamless appearance, with no need for braids/threads for securing them.

Why install micro link hair extensions?

Due to the process, you connect one small strand of extensions and your hair. They’re the best choice when you like your natural hair and don’t want to braid any other type of hair.

Let’s highlight some of the benefits of micro link hair extensions:

  • They don’t need any thread or braids
  • The process may help with hair growth
  • The installation process doesn’t take much time
  • You may wash your hair more often than you would have sewn-in
  • You may wear them for 3-4 months

Are there any downsides for micro link hair extensions?

Even if many choose micro link hair extensions, there are some negative aspects that you may want to take into consideration before installing:

  • You have to get your hair well maintained, every couple of weeks
  • They’re not easy to maintain
  • You have to tighten the links every 4-6 weeks or remove if otherwise.

Don’t go buying just yet!

There are plenty of options to choose from, and you need to do your homework upper hand, especially if you want to install them at home.

Go online and find out about the types, the hair used for the micro link hair extensions and maintaining the process. Removing them is also a problem to consider, so make sure you’re up to the task before placing your order.

Top 7 Best Micro Link Hair extensions

   1. VeSunny 14 Inch Microbead Hair Extensions

The VeSunny 14 Inch Microbead Hair Extensions are subtle, and installing them is straightforward. You don’ t need to use heat for installing them.


The hair extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair materials, with no animal or synthetic mixing. They feel soft and handle styling. You may curl, straighten, wash, and color the way you like. You may even blow dry them without worrying that you may damage them.

The hair extensions feel soft and combine well with your natural hair. The color is excellent, and the hair extensions stay in place for a reasonable amount of time. When it’s time to remove them, the process should go smoothly.

Let’s mention that thanks to the manufacturing, the alignment of the natural hair cuticles are maintained, which explains the natural hair flow and the low risk for tangling.

Some aspects caught our attention:

  • They’re undetectable
  • They’re made with 100% Remy human hair materials
  • You may curl, straighten, or curl them
  • They have a natural hair flow

The inherent flaws aren’t major:

  • The risk for tangling isn’t null
  • Not everyone is happy with the results, but the technique matters a lot

For the natural appearance and easiness of use, the hair extensions should be on your shopping list.

   2. Sunny Micro Link Hair Extensions

The Sunny Micro Link Hair Extensions Remy Human Hair 50Strands Full isn’t just affordable, but also easy to use and nice looking.


The micro link hair extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair, with no mixed or synthetic hair. It’s high-quality salon hair that doesn’t shed nor tangle. It feels soft and silky, blending with your natural hair so nicely.

You may use them with micro rings for subtle and durable attachment. Even after installation, the hair extensions feel soft and cover well your natural hair.

They are straight hair extensions that you may straighten, curl, style, or wash just the way you want. As long as you’re taking good care of the hair extensions, they should last for 3-6 months.

Keep in mind not to use temperature higher than 356 F degrees when styling your hair.

Here’s the shortlist of pros:

  • They are rather easy to use
  • They’re thick, soft and straight
  • They’re 100% real human hair
  • They feel soft and blend nicely with your natural hair

The flaws are minor:

  • Some think that they’re a bit wavy
  • One may get an icky feel after a month or so

Soft, nice looking, and blending with your natural hair for a pleasant appearance, the micro link hair extensions are a great option to consider.

   3. LaaVoo 14inch Micro Loop Ring Human

One great thing about the LaaVoo 14inch Micro Loop Ring Human Hair Extensions is that you don’t need to go to the salon for installing them. The hair extensions come pre-beaded, so you may very well install them on your own at home. They feature small and silicone-lined aluminum rings that keep the hair extensions in place. You don’t need to use harsh glues or chemicals either.


The hair extensions are made with 100% real human hair and have no synthetic or animal hair. The risk for tangle or shedding is minor.

Not only that the hair extensions are easy to install, but they’re also rather easy to maintain. You may color, style, and shampoo them for the look you intend. However, it’s better that you use neutral shampoo when washing so that you lower the risk for color fading.

The hair extensions feel soft and subtle, running right to length.

We sum it all up for the pros:

  • They come pre-beaded, so installation runs easy
  • They’re soft and silky
  • They’re made with human hair, with no synthetic or animal hair mixing
  • The color and wash pretty nicely

The shortcomings aren’t something to worry about:

  • They’re a bit darker than expected
  • One may feel that they don’t stay on, but it depends on how well you take care of the hair extensions

All in all, the hair extensions are always an easy-to-use, affordable, and nice-looking choice to have in mind.

   4. Youngsee 16″ Hair Extensions

When you’re determined to install micro link hair extensions, you should also check the Youngsee 16″ Remy Straight Micro Beads Human Hair Extensions.


Made with 100% Remy natural hair, the hair extensions look nice, completing the looks of your natural hair. The hair is thick, soft, and full, with minor risk for shedding. The hair extensions don’t tangle, and you can style them in all kinds of ways. It’s safe to dye them too.

For expanding their lifespan, you should wash the hair with some mild conditioning and shampoo in warm water. You can safely wash the hair extension 2-3 times in a week. Rinse them carefully and use a downward motion when brushing it. Don’t put the hair extensions in the sea or alcohol and try not to go to sleep with the hair wet.

Let’s check the best things briefly:

  • The hair extensions look nice
  • They’re easy to install
  • You may dye and style them in various ways
  • The hair is thick, soft and doesn’t shed

Anyone is going to like to have a complete picture, so here are the negatives:

  • One got the wrong beads once
  • Be careful when installing it on relaxed hair

Beautiful, thick, and soft, the hair extensions bring plenty of good things to the table and only some downsides to paying attention to. Why not giving them a try?

   5. Ugeat Hair Extensions 14 Inch 50G Balayage

Made with 100% real premium hair cut from young women, the Ugeat Micro Link Human Hair Extensions 14 Inch 50G Balayage blend nicely and are invisible.


The hair is thick, healthy, and bouncy, holding curls and waves very well. Installation isn’t complicated at all, with the silicone lined micro rings holding the extensions in place without any chemicals or glues.

The color is fantastic, and the quality of the hair is impressive, especially for the price. When you take good care of the hair extensions, they can hold for even six months.

As the hair extension doesn’t include keratin bonds, adhesive, glue, or force during removal, you shouldn’t worry about wearing the hair extensions for a long time.

We should list our favs:

  • They’re easy to install and to take care of
  • They look beautiful and blend with your natural hair
  • The micro links are invisible
  • The color looks great

The downsides aren’t significant:

  • They catch color very fast, so pay attention when coloring
  • They are a bit kinky after washing

For the ease of use, quality of hair, and beautiful appearance, the hair extensions are always a great buy.

   6. Ugeat 18 inch 50g 1g/s Hair Extensions Piano Color Golden

If you have blonde hair, finding the right tone for it may be tricky. Therefore, you should take a look at the Ugeat 18 inch 50g 1g/s Micro links Hair Extensions Piano Color Golden.


The micro link hair extensions are made with 100% real premium human hair that was cut from young women. Its thickness and elasticity are high, and so is the health of the hair. You may straighten/curl/style it the way you want, without worrying about looking fake in any way.

It’s easy to install the hair extensions which you may reuse for six months or so. They stay in place without help from chemicals or glues.

The hair looks soft, and the color is excellent, looking beautiful after installation.

Some qualities impress us more:

  • They are made with 100% real premium human hair
  • The hair is thick, soft and has pleasant elasticity
  • It looks so nicely once blended
  • You may style it the way you want

The parts we like less aren’t major:

  • You may need to re-tip it from time to time
  • The risk for frizz after washing isn’t null

Regardless of the minor problems, the hair extensions are a fantastic option to keep in mind when trying to give more volume to your blonde hair.

   7. VeSunny 24″ Blonde Highlights-Hair Extensions

The VeSunny 24″ Blonde Highlights Micro Link Human Hair Extensions are great for adding more volume to your blonde hair. They’re almost impossible to detect and well-blended with your natural hair. The micro links ensure attachment for a reasonable amount of time. You don’t need to use any heat, and the hair extension is easy to install/to remove.


Since the hair extensions are made with 100% human hair, they are thick. Don’t forget to deep condition them any now and then for expanding the durability.

Here’s what we like about the hair extensions:

  • They’re made with human hair
  • Installation and removal go straightforward
  • They’re almost undetectable
  • They cover well and ensure a natural finish

The problems should become a big deal:

  • They may become ratty after a while
  • Some think that they’re not cheap

For the fantastic finish and low risk for visibility, the hair extensions are going to make many so happy with the results.

The Extras

   1. Neitsi 3 Pc Kit for Micro Ring Link Hair

If you’re planning to install micro link hair extensions on your own and worry about not finding the right tools, take a leap of faith with Neitsi 3 Pc Kit for Micro Ring Link Hair and Feather Extensions: Pliers, Micro Pulling Needle, and Loop Threader.


The kit is excellent for installing all sorts of hair extensions, micro links, rings, or loops. You can confidently use it for removing bonds.

Don’t be afraid to use the medium-sized tool for feather hair installation, nor the needle tool for pulling hair through Micro-Link rings.

The pliers come with a curved head for straightforward use.

The tools in the kit are good quality, and the price is the selling point. Every tool is straightforward to use.

We think we should highlight the main pros:

  • The kit includes versatile and dependable tools
  • The pliers are great for installing micro link hair extensions
  • You can also use them for removing bonds
  • They’re good quality for the price

The downsides aren’t significant:

  • Don’t yank it too hard, since you may break it
  • The teeth of the pliers are sharp, so pay attention when using the pliers

All in all, the kit is a great option when installing the micro link hair extensions (or other types) from the comfort of your home. They’re quite a bang for your buck too.

   2. 5 Bottles PCS Silicone For Hair Extensions

When hair is your life and you always like trying new looks, the 5 Bottles/Set 2500PCS Silicone Micro Link Rings 5mm Lined Beads for Hair Extensions is one significant investment to consider.


The set includes five bottles of silicone Micro links rings and lined beads to use for hair extensions. They’re made of high-quality material and are safe to install. You shouldn’t worry about damaging your hair in any way.

There are five colors to use, which makes the set highly versatile and dependable. The very soft silicone lining is excellent, allowing installation to the head for improved comfort. They’re almost impossible to notice, as well.

Once installed, the micro link rings are going to hold the hair tight. They don’t glide smoothly, even after wearing them for a long time.

The quality is excellent, and the accessories should be on your shopping list when preparing to install micro link hair extensions at home.

There are plenty of positive things, but we’re focusing on the most important ones:

  • They’re made with high-quality material, without damaging the hair
  • There are several colors to choose from
  • The silicone lining is soft, and the accessories aren’t noticeable
  • They stay in place after installation

As with anything else, these also present some shortcomings:

  • Some think that they get loose rather fast
  • One may think that they’re overpriced

Regardless of the minor problems, the accessories are a fundamental addition to anyone installing micro link hair extensions at home.

FAQs about micro link hair extensions

Q: Are micro link hair extensions and braid-less sew-in similar in any way?

A: Even if the two present similar installation methods, they’re not the same. People mistake the weft process with braid-less sew-in, but it’s because of the installation process. The micro link hair use no threads, whereas the braid-less sew-in use both thread and beads.

Q: Is it easy to remove the micro link hair extensions?

A: Unless you’re a professional hairstylist, you should never remove the micro link hair extensions on your own. You need to use a hair plier, so it’s better that you have a licensed hairstylist remove them for you.

Q: What the best hair origin to buy?

A: It depends on whether you’re using i-tips or weft hair. It seems that Mongolian and i-tips Brazilian hair gives the best results for the long run. You should use Cambodian/raw Indian/ or Burmese hair for the weft extensions.

Q: Is it expensive to install micro link hair extensions?

A: If you decide to go to a professional salon, you should prepare somewhere between $200 and $400 for the installation. I-tips installation can get as high as $1000, with $100 or so for tightening and around $70 for removal.

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