Best Turf Soccer Shoes in 2019

A recent innovation in the field of soccer cleats, turf soccer shoes have started to attract a wide range of customers in the past few years. With some soccer fields opting for eco-friendly turfs all around the globe, players have begun to turn towards this particular footwear. Because if you wear regular cleats on the synthetic surfaces, it can result in causing a serious injury to yourself.

When it comes to the best soccer turf shoes, one has to consider some things before making this purchase. Having rubber outsole, this footwear is designed to be used on hard surfaces. But when it delivers so well on the artificial turf, it has prompted a series of manufacturers to come up with their product. For a newbie or even a seasoned customer, it has become no less than an uphill task to choose the best product, from a plethora of wrong ones.

So here’s the deal.

Do you want the best turf soccer shoes without much hassle? Are you looking for footwear which is durable yet high-performing? If yes, then congratulations. We’ve prepared this guide, incorporating the six turf soccer shoes of the highest quality, for all such customers who’re looking to acquire the best possible product.

Top 3 Best Turf Soccer Shoes

   1. Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf

Manufacturer: Adidas

Sole: Rubber

The Mundial Team Turf is a classic soccer shoe from Adidas. Available in a stylish fusion of black and white, this is an excellent soccer shoe for artificial turfs.

Featuring small rubber studs, this product can be worn on a variety of surfaces in addition to the artificial turf including artificial grass as well as the dry solid ground.

Adidas have used Kangaroo’s leather in the shoe’s upper. When this form of leather is quite thick, it helps in protecting this shoe from regular wear and tear. Since leather is known to stretch with time, this is the right kind of footwear for players with wider feet. And when it comes to the durability of this shoe, the use of natural leather makes it a long-lasting product.



Coming towards its weight, the Mundial Team Turf weighs just under 13oz. Its toe region is crafted with split-suede which imparts further longevity to this product. Inside this shoe is the removable insole which is quite comfortable towards the user’s feet.

Finally, this shoe delivers loads of traction thanks to the series of rubber studs on its bottom. These studs are placed quite close to each other so as already mentioned; this is a versatile product by all means.



  • Long-lasting footwear
  • Delivers loads of traction
  • Superior Ball touch


  • Weight might be an issue with some customers
  • Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Soccer Shoe

   2. Messi 15.3 Soccer Shoe

Manufacturer: Adidas

Sole: Rubber Spikes

The Messi 15.3 Soccer Shoe is a dream come true for all the Messi lovers. When it lies in the signature range of the Barcelona superstar, this shoe is also available at a pretty affordable price. Available in 4 different stylish designs, this shoe has got all the features which one could expect from an Adidas’ footwear.


Starting with the upper of this shoe, it consists of synthetic leather for providing perfect touch. The manufacturer has made use of vibrant colors in the shoe’s manufacturing so regardless of your personal choice from the four available designs, the Messi 15.3 looks stunning on the field.

The Messi 15.3 Soccer Shoe does require a break-in period, but it is nothing more than wearing it for a few hours on the soccer field. The rubber spikes on the bottom are well-designed for providing maximum traction on the artificial turfs, and when they are quite small, one can also wear this shoe on the indoor surfaces.


  • Nice looking exterior
  • Grips well on the artificial turfs
  • The synthetic lining makes it a comfortable footwear


  • Runs a bit small

   3. PUMA Men’s Evotouch 3 TT Soccer Shoe

Manufacturer: PUMA

Sole: Rubber

The PUMA Evotouch 3 TT is a versatile soccer shoe designed for use on hard natural surfaces along with artificial turfs. Incorporating a flexible layout, this is a lightweight shoe which comes at an accessible price from Puma.

The upper of this shoe is made of soft, synthetic leather. In addition to providing a superior touch on the ball, it is highly resistant towards all forms of abrasion. Players can use this shoe for a consistent amount of time, and it will still keep on providing them with superior ball control without any hindrance.



If you’re looking for a stylish looking shoe, the Evotouch 3 TT comes in 3 different designs. It includes full black, white and blue and finally, an elegant contrast of yellow, white and black.

One thing which we found quite impressive about this shoe is its break-in period. Since it is made of a flexible material, it doesn’t require a break-in period as one can use it straight out of the box. Moreover, the rubber sole on the bottom performs well on the artificial turfs regarding providing traction and stability. However, this shoe does run small, so you might have to go one size bigger than your actual feet dimensions.

So if you’re looking for an affordable soccer shoe which provides superior ball control, the Evotouch 3 TT is worth a shot.


  • Negligible break-in period
  • Boasts maximum ball control
  • Rubber sole provides a decent grip on the turf


  • Runs small

Best Indoor Turf Soccer Shoes

Featuring a classic design, the Loading product data. Performance Men’s Copa 17.4 is yet another high-quality shoe from Adidas. When indoor soccer is all about speed and agility, where players cannot afford to wear bulky footwear, this is a lightweight shoe.

The 17.4  shoe combines a soft, synthetic leather upper along with textured design. Such kind of construction enables a player to enjoy better ball control during kicking and dribbling on the soccer field.



Since this shoe is designed for indoor turfs, it has made use of small-sized cleats for better maneuverability. When they provide just the perfect amount of stability on the hard surfaces, players can wear this shoe without any danger of hurting themselves.


On to the sizing. If you’re considering making this purchase, keep this thing in mind that this shoe fits a bit small. Even though the length fits just perfectly, it’s the width which runs a bit too narrow. And unlike leather shoes, shoes made of synthetic materials have a predetermined width. And if they don’t fit properly at the start, this shoe is never going to fit properly even with the passage of time.

So as per your feet dimensions, you can order a half or even a full size larger for a perfect fit.



  • Lightweight Shoe
  • Textured design allows better ball control
  • Comfortable for all day usage


  • Proper sizing is an issue

Best Soccer Turf Shoes for Wide Feet

When the majority of the soccer cleats – which are available in today’s marketplace – are designed for thin feet, purchasing soccer shoes for wide feet have become an uphill task in the past few years. One of the most commonly asked questions in the football marketplace is ‘’I have wide feet. What will be the perfect soccer shoes for me’’?

If you’re looking for the best soccer turf shoes for wide feet, have a look at the Tiebao Men’s Hard Ground Indoor Speed Patent Leather Football Shoes. Incorporating leather in its construction, this is a perfect shoe for wide feet considering leather is famous for stretching over time. So even if it feels a bit tight at the start, this shoe will expand on regular usage.


For better ball control, the manufacturer has integrated textured design on the shoe’s upper. Its sole is made of high-quality rubber which is devoid of any slippage. Regardless of the playing conditions, you will enjoy a firm grip on the turf with this particular cleat.

The Tiebao Leather Football shoes can be purchased in 5 different colors, and all of them looks stylish for everyday use. So as long as you’ve feet length within the 27.5 cm range, this is an ideal purchase.



  • Perfect for users with wide feet
  • Available in 5 stylish designs
  • Boasts firm grip on the artificial turfs


  • Not great for people with thin feet

Best Turf Soccer Shoes for Kids

Choosing soccer shoes for kids can be a tricky process. When players of a young age are still not sure about their favorite footwear, parents don’t want to spend too much on this purchase. But, if you want your child to perform to his fullest on the soccer field, it is imperative to acquire the best soccer shoes as per his ability.

Talking about one such shoe, the Nike Youth MercurialX Victory VI CR7 Turf Shoes is worth a look. A guaranteed sports product from Nike, it allows your child to play with the very best of soccer cleats even at such a young age. And when it isn’t quite expensive, parents don’t have to pay big bucks to get their hands on this beauty.


Featuring a stylish Nike logo, this shoe incorporates synthetic materials in the upper. This upper is carefully crafted as per the needs of modern soccer with aggressive rigging embossed in its construction. The bottom part of this sole is made of rubber which provides specialized traction for artificial turfs.

When kids are going to wear this shoe for a longer duration, the fact that it has perforated sock liner keeps the sweat away from your feet. So when it protects their feet from the formation of odor, it also keeps the feet in the best of physical conditions.


  • Authentic Nike Gear
  • High quality upper enhances ball control
  • Affordable turf soccer shoe


  • Feels a bit tight at the start

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