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We all know that being fit means better health and we’ve always trying to find new and better ways to get the body that we all dream about.

Wearing a waist trainer isn’t that new, but it’s all the rage at the moment as it helps one get a flatter stomach and get rid of a couple of inches from the waist. After all, the hourglass shape is pretty appealing.

What’s rather new about the waist training is that it’s not only for the women anymore and men are also becoming huge fans of waist training.

What’s to say about waist training in a nutshell?

The waist training is about wearing a garment which resembles a corset for modifying the waist. Using the waist trainer is going to lead to a more hourglass shape. The corset is pulling the waist and makes it look narrower than the shoulders and the hips.

The steel boned corset is not a modern invention, and people have been using it for centuries now. Its comeback is rather new, and many celebrities are using it for a nice reshaping of their buddies.

The history of waist training in a nutshell

Also known as waist cinching, waist training hit the market in the 1900s in Europe, with America following.

Back in the days, people would wear the corset over the clothing, which also served for fashion purposes. As it becomes more and more popular, women started to wear the cinchers and the girdles as undergarments.

To this day the shapewear has its fans, and we have Spandex to thank for, most of the time. As opposed to cinchers and girdles, Spandex isn’t as constricting, but it does lead to a smoother figure nevertheless.

Are the differences between the male and female bodies important?

Waist training is different between men and women, and it’s the differences in their torso that leads to it. These differences count a lot when selecting your waist training device.

The first thing to notice is that men don’t have an hourglass waist as women have naturally. Men’s bodies are preferably rectangular. Also, the shape gets broader near the shoulder area. By the contrary, women have an hourglass torso usually.

The male and female body differences continue with the reality that men tend to get weight gain around the belly area. On the other hand, women tend to add the weight in the butt and hips. The broader bones of women is fundamental for their ability to give childbirth. The hips are the fullest part of women’s bodies, rending the waist to be narrower.

The differences don’t stop here as men typically have a longer torso than women. Even if there is an exception, the rule of thumb still stands.

What’s to mention about the waist trainers for men?

Over the last centuries, the corset designed hasn’t known many changes. The materials did improve as older models did come with whale bones. However, the modern ones are made with steel bones that are a lot more flexible.

Now that we’ve covered the difference between male and female bodies (in the waist area), it makes sense that the regular waist trainers don’t make the right choice for men. Women have more full hips so a female corset is going to be a bit large for a man. It means that it’s also loose in the lower belly area, becoming less effective.

Many manufacturers were aware of the differences and made the changes in the female corset so that it would work for men. The main alteration comes from making sure that the corset isn’t flaring out around the hip area on men.

What are the main types of waist trainers?

The market provides various types of waist trainers, but it’s essential that you get one that fits your body the best way possible. Some waist trainers work for improving thermal activity in the midsection, whereas others are an excellent choice for the traditional waist training.

The regular corsets are made of cotton and feature laces on the back. The cinchers are made of cotton or later, presenting hook-and-eye closures in the front. When you think of corsets, the typical ribbon or the steel-boned corset is the first thing that comes to mind, nevertheless.

One can go with cinchers for everyday use, which is going to cut down up to 3 inches in the midsection.

As for the workout cinchers, they’re made with durable materials and one can also wear them when exercising. Cinchers of this kind are going to increase perspiration in the midsection, but they’re not meant for long time wear. Three or four hours a day is going to be more than enough.

One thing to highlight is that no waist trainer is going to make the inches around the waist disappear overnight. Ab exercise, lots of cardio, and a healthy diet are going to count just as much for having a slimmer waistline.

What counts the most when selecting a waist trainer for men?

The first thing, to begin with, is the size which should be the same as what you’re wearing for the traditional clothing. If you run into a manufacturer that only lists sizes like small, medium, large, and so on, it’s best that you get in touch for further details.

Once it’s clear to you which size you need, here are the features to pay attention to:

  • Fabric

Fabric is essential as it counts so much for the level of comfort when wearing the waist trainer. It relates a lot to the lifespan of the waist trainer.

The thickness of waist trainers is various, so you may want to take it also into consideration when buying.

Don’t forget to check if the waist trainer is machine washable as it means you can have it nice and fresh at all time.

  • Adjustability

Having the right size isn’t enough, you also want to be capable to adjust your waist trainer for best fit. We have very different body shapes, and sizes cannot cover all types of body. It’s best that you buy a waist trainer that features Velcro straps or buttons for more relaxed and more comfortable adjustments.

  • Bones

It’s wise to take a good look (if it’s possible) at the bones within the male waist trainer. Bones are fundamental as they hold the waist trainer in place, reducing the risk for the waist trainer to roll up. A model with large bones made of steel-like materials isn’t going to allow relaxed bend over. No matter how long you’re planning to use the waist trainer, you should always check the quality of the bones first.

What’s the best way for men to use the waist trainer?

Waist training doesn’t happen fast, and it takes time until one can enjoy the results. It’s going to take a couple of months until the waist is going to shrink.

As men typically have the extra weight around the belly area, it’s better to select a waist trainer that has a longer front. A waist trainer of this kind is a solid choice for the 5-6ft tall men.

When a large belly area isn’t a concern, men should look for cincher instead. The cincher is supposed to be one to 2.5 inches shorter than regular corset. It’s not supposed to go below the belly area.

Once you have the right corset, you should begin with breaking in the steel frame. You may start by wearing it 3 hours a day in the first weeks. Even though it’s tempting, try not to wear the waist trainer too tightly.

After you broke in the corset, you may continue with cinching it, using 2 or 3 inches of reduction. You may wear it a couple of hours a day for faster results, which is going to help the muscle memory start forming.

Is waist training risky in any way?

Some of the most common problems for waist trainers is the loosening of the abdominal muscle tone, the atrophy of the abdominal walls and the visceral displacement. The list of problems also includes the deformation of the stomach, lungs, and liver. The breathing may also worsen. It’s essential to be aware of the risks and to avoid extended use of the waist trainers.

One last recommendation before you go shopping

Waist training is new in a way, but it does use an old piece of undergarment which corset truly is. Men getting interested in changing their body shape in hourglass type is rather new too. men need to use waist trainers designed for male bodies on the cause of differences between male and female bodies.

Top 7 Best Waist Trainer For Men Reviews

GKVK Mens Slimming Body Shaper Vest Shirt Abs Abdomen Slim

One option to use for reshaping your waistline is the GKVK Mens Slimming Body Shaper Vest Shirt Abs Abdomen Slim. The garment is going to help you shape the chest, waist, and stomach and it works for men and women alike.

The body shaper is designed so that it reduces the looks of Gynecomastia (“man boobs”). The breathability is, and the body shaper is going to improve the blood circulation and fat burning, offering support for the back and posture. It helps one shape the chest and flattens the breast and stomach too.


The slimming undergarment is made with high-quality nylon so that you can comfortably wear it underneath your clothing, sweaters, t-shirts, and even formal dress shorts. It has a low-neck design so you can wear them for all sorts of clothes. It provides a good fit and feels soft to the skin. Its ergonomic X-Shape back design is useful for tightening your body. The nylon and spandex layers inside are tightly knitted together, rendering the body shaper to be more efficient. The body shaper is firm and doesn’t lose its elasticity.

You need to step into it and pull it up for using it. You can remove it the same way. Give it a week until it starts feeling more comfortable.


  • It has an ergonomic design with a low-neck design for fitting all kinds of clothes
  • It’s made with Spandex and high-quality nylon, maintaining its elasticity
  • It’s long, and some wear it over the bottom as well
  • It has a soft touch feel against the skin


  • Some think it runs big
  • The base may roll up

McDavid Waist Trimmer Belt Neoprene Fat Burning Sauna Waist Trainer

One may think that the McDavid Waist Trimmer Belt Neoprene Fat Burning Sauna Waist Trainer is cheap, but there’s nothing cheap except for the price for this waist trainer. By contrary, the waist trainer is going to offer support for lower back and abdominal muscles, helping one improve the posture and balance.

Made of 100% high-quality latex-free neoprene, the waist trainer is effective for thermal therapy and provides tissue support. It comes with a non-slip inner layer so that it stays in place even when you’re exercising. It’s breathable and lightweight, providing a good fit for everyone.


The waist trainer is capable of compressing and cushioning the heat muscles, improving the muscle stability and speeding up the recovery. You can also wear it for everyday support or when weight lifting.

The adjustability of the waist trainer is straightforward as it features sturdy Velcro strap fitting up to 40 inches. Not only that the Velcro is sturdy, but it’s also durable, maintaining its qualities even after washing it a couple of times.

The stretching is, and the heat insulation doesn’t disappoint. It increases the efficiency of your workout and never rides up or down.


  • It provides a comfortable fit throughout the wear
  • It’s easy to adjust and takes the use for a reasonable amount of time
  • It’s breathable, lightweight and stays in place
  • It supports the back and compresses the abdominal muscles


  • It may have a specific smell in the beginning
  • One dealing with neoprene allergy should test it first

Waist Trainer Belt – Unisex Waist Trimmer for Weight Loss

If you’re looking for unisex waist trainer belt, the Waist Trainer Belt – Unisex Waist Trimmer for Weight Loss is one reliable option to keep in mind.

The waist training belt works great as exercise girdle, improving one’s efforts of burning fat faster during exercising, eliminating the risk for any injuries. Forty minutes of exercise is going to help you burn around 150 calories. The waist trimming belt is going to help one lose weight in the abdomen and waist area, reshaping the body as planned.

The training belt is made of 100% premium quality neoprene, and it’s 100% latex free. Its 0.11 inches thickness of the material is flexible, taking the shape of your body adequately. The belt feels gentle against the skin and stays in place throughout your exercise session.


You only need to wear the waist training belt for 2-3 hours per day for obtaining results. The belt also provides back support and has a good impact on your posture too. If you’re dealing with back pain or poor posture, the waist training belt is quite dependable.

The waist trainer isn’t difficult to clean. Damp a cloth with soapy water, wiping down the waist trainer. You can also hand wash it in some warm water. To maintain its qualities, it’s best that you let it air dry in a natural way.

Flexible, long lasting and soft, the waist trainer increases the sweating, flattens the abdomen, and burns fat faster.


  • It helps with weight loss, improving posture and providing back support
  • It’s comfortable, flexible and soft on the skin
  • It’s easy to adjust and increases sweat
  • It stays in place and maintains a strong core


  • Some think it’s tricky to conceal under the clothing
  • It has a particular smell in the beginning

TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt

In all fairness, the popularity of TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt speaks volume, but some may still want to scroll down for the details.

The waist trainer presents a new full design, wrapping around the whole stomach. It has a non-slip interior grid which is going to reduce the risk of slipping, riding up or down, or moving in any way. Once you put it on, it stays in place.

You can use it improving your body shape as it provides instant abdominal compression while supporting the lumbar area. It’s extensive so that it covers the entire stomach.


The belt is going to improve sweat, but also keep the moisture and sweat away from your body, lowering the risk for bacteria buildup. It’s made with neoprene rubber which generates a specific type of heat. It’s not going to gain a bad smell in time.

The waist trainer comes in various six sizes and features Velcro closure for a better fit and more effortless adjustment. It’s made with stitches and has no glued parts. It’s made with 100%latex free neoprene, presenting a pleasant feel against the skin.


  • It promotes sweat and provides lumbar support
  • It doesn’t allow bacteria buildup
  • It’s comfortable and easy to adjust
  • It’s well made and stays in place


  • Customers that are allergy prone should use it carefully
  • Some think it runs on a large size

Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer

Another popular choice within the category is the Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer.

The waist trainer is going to help you get better results when training as it increases the thermogenic activity and sweat. It’s a flexible waist trainer that is easy to adjust to one’s shape of the body and specific size, comfortably fitting around the waist. Make sure you don’t wear it too tight as it still has to provide a generous range of motions during your exercise session.


The waist trainer is made with thick and latex-free Neoprene which is going to improve the sweating. Due to its design though, the waist trainer isn’t going to get very sweaty. It features inner grid lining which lowers the moisture absorption and controls the slipping or bunching when you’re working out. Once you put it on, the waist trainer stays in place, without riding up or down.

Well made and comfortable, the waist trainer is dependable and doesn’t show underneath your clothing. It comes with a breathable carrying bag and a sample of the Sweet Sweat Gel that is going to increase the waist trainer’s performance.


  • It’s made with 100% latex-free Neoprene
  • It’s comfortable and effective
  • It doesn’t show underneath the clothing
  • It doesn’t retain sweat and moisture and stays in place


  • One with neoprene allergy shouldn’t use it
  • It’s not machine washable

Men Waist Trainer Vest for Weightloss Hot Neoprene Corset Body Shaper

Are you ready to try a waist trainer vest? If so, you should take a leap of faith with the Men Waist Trainer Vest for Weightloss Hot Neoprene Corset Body Shaper which is going to improve sweat and fat burning. The waist trainer vest provides active back support, helping one’s efforts to improve their posture.

The waist trainer sustains the workout and increases sweat, keeping you warm on a cold day. It has a low-profile design so you may correctly wear it underneath your clothing.

The vest is going to burn more fat and speed up the weight loss process. It’s capable of providing high compression, which explains the increased body sweating and fat burning. It does all of that while ensuring both spinal and abdominal support.


As it’s made with neoprene, the waist trainer vest is safe to wear around the house, when running errands or exercising. Its scientific design is going to flatten the abdomen, change the posture for the better and lead to a better shape around the belly and waist.


  • It’s subtle, and you can wear it when exercising or underneath your regular clothing
  • It increases the sweat and promotes the fat burning
  • It ensures spinal and abdominal support
  • It’s easy to use and provides a snug fit


  • The zipper may be better
  • Some think it’s a bit short

Body Maxx Men’s Slimming Vest Body Shaper Vest for Waist Training & Back Fat/Belly Fat Burning Slimming Sweat Vest

When you want a great upper body, and the hourglass waist isn’t enough for you, the Body Maxx Men’s Slimming Vest Body Shaper Vest for Waist Training & Back Fat/Belly Fat Burning Slimming Sweat Vest is going to be a fantastic option to try.

The waist trainer vest is designed for boosting sweat and fat burning on the upper body. The vest slimmer design is going to contour and shape the body as it comes with straps for better adjustments until body compression is achieved. The garment is going to increase burn fat around the midsection, waistline, the back and the whole upper part of your body.


It’s made with Slim-Tech neoprene material, which explains its efficiency. The neoprene molds to the waist, allowing body shaping. It doesn’t pinch nor irritates the skin and has a pleasant feel against the skin. The Velcro waistband is going to enable straightforward adjustment for a snug fit. Despite its efficiency, the vest is rather subtle, and one can wear it when working out or when going out in town for some errands.

Thanks to its design, the waist trainer vest is also improving the firming and toning of the back and the whole core. It’s comfortable and lightweight, as the material is both stretchy and long-lasting.

The waist trainer is ensuring abdominal compression, but provides lumbar support as well, helping one get results faster and easier.


  • It has a practical design helping one improve the shape of the upper body
  • It’s made with stretchy and durable neoprene
  • It ensures a snug fit and promotes sweat
  • It offers lumbar support and has a subtle profile


  • It’s black which isn’t very convenient when wearing white clothing
  • One may find it a bit snug

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