Best Waterproof Mascara in 2019

Bells and whistles aside, when it comes to waterproof mascara we all need to take its benefits with a grain of salt. Yes, you put it on and stays on even after you’ve cried your heart out, but should you wear it on a regular basis? Is waterproof mascara going to damage your eyelashes, making them fall? If so, how do you select your waterproof mascara? How to you remove it without damaging your eye? To these questions and many more we’re ready to answer so scroll down for the big enlighten.

General info about Waterproof Mascaras

Why use waterproof mascara?

Waterproof mascara is your no.1 solution for weddings, the summer-time, and other tear-related events. No matter if you’re planning a day on the beach or a wedding day for your dearest friend, hot and humid are the conditions to pay attention to when choosing your mascara.

Truth be told, we all want to look posh when going to the beach (not to mention the big family reunions or weddings) and it’s the waterproof mascara that is going to keep the lashes all in place. Gone are the messy black streaks when coming out of the pool as the waterproof mascara (a good one, anyway) it’s going to provide that perfect look even after a big cry.

Can you prevent the damage from waterproof mascara?

As much as we like how the waterproof mascara keeps our lashes in order, we all have to admit it: removing it may become quite the challenge! This may be one of the main pet peeve when it comes to waterproof mascara and a conditioner primer may work some tricks.

Once you’ve applied the primer, you may continue with swiping the waterproof mascara for the weather-proof/splash-proof/long-lasting lashes! It’s best that you begin at the base of the lashes, wiggling the wand up towards the tips of your lashes.

Can you remove the waterproof mascara without irritating your eyes?

We all enjoy wearing the waterproof mascara throughout the day, but do we like taking it off? As long as you know how to do it right, you shouldn’t worry much about damaging your lashes while removing the waterproof mascara. You may see that an oil mascara remover isn’t going to do it, most of the time.

You sure need a powerful remover for your long lasting mascara. Anything water-based is going to prove to be useless for removing the waterproof mascara which is why you should get waterproof makeup removers.

However, how you’re using the mascara remover is just as important as the formula itself. It’s best that you go gentle and don’t tug at your lashes. Let the product sit for a bit on your lashes and wipe the remains nice and gently after a while.

How to remove the waterproof mascara?

Even if it’s not rocket science, you should follow some specific steps when removing your waterproof mascara. You’re not only trying to remove it, but also to do it in a gentle way, protecting your eyelashes throughout the process.

   1. Use a good eye makeup remover

There are many products out there that are made especially for removing the waterproof mascara. A good formula is going to help you get rid of your mascara fast, efficiently and in a gentle way. You should definitely pay the extra buck and get a good quality eye makeup remover if you’re using the waterproof mascara on a regular basis.

Here are some tips when buying:

  • Go for the popular brands as the quality is better and the risk for irritating your eyes is lower
  • Use a hypoallergenic product even if your skin isn’t sensitive. The ingredients in the hypoallergenic formulas are gentle on the skin
  • Use a pad/cotton ball for applying the makeup remover. Close the eyelids, placing the pad on top of them for a couple of seconds. Wipe it down, towards the lash tips. Use fresh pads and do it until you got rid of all product.

   2. Use baby shampoo

Baby shampoo is quite an effective way to remove the waterproof mascara. They’re safe to use around the delicate eye areas and most formulas are, hypoallergenic, and also fragrance and color free.

Here’s how to do it right:

  • Don’t use regular shampoo as it’s only going to irritate the eyes
  • Use a bit of baby shampoo, applying it onto your eyelashes with cotton ball. Don’t put it directly in your eyes
  • Wipe away the baby shampoo and mascara with some wet cloths/pads.

   3. Apply some cold cream

A good cold cream is going to help you remove the waterproof mascara. You can also use it for removing all makeup.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Use your typical cleanser for washing your face. Pat it dry and apply the cold cream (it’s going to work as a deep conditioning treatment)
  • Let the cream soak into your skin for a couple of minutes. Wipe it clean with some warm washcloth
  • Don’t apply the cold cream directly to your eyelids. It’s best that you rub it nice and easy into your lashes, wiping it away afterwards.

Note: Petroleum jelly is a gasoline by-product so you shouldn’t use it around your eyes. As long as you don’t put it in your eyes, you may use it as the ultimate method.

Waterproof or water resistant mascara? What’s the difference?

If you’re shopping, knowing the difference between the water resistant and waterproof mascara is really important. Even though they sound similar, there are some big differences between the two types of mascara and you may want to know them before buying.

Water resistant mascara is capable to handle the penetration of water to some degree, but it’s not entirely waterproof. It may also take tears and the moisture during a day, but it’s not going to handle a rain shower or a swimming session. It’s definitely going to run down your face after a while.

By contrary, the waterproof mascara is going to handle a complete water submersion, standing out as the perfect choice when you go to a pool party. The waterproof mascara may dry out your lashes a bit, making them brittle. You may very well fight that by using a lash serum after wearing the waterproof mascara all day long.

Is waterproof mascara bad for the eyelashes?

How you apply and how you remove your waterproof mascara makes all the difference. You should use a conditioning primer, a good eye makeup remover and use gentle moves while removing the waterproof mascara.

Top 3 Best Waterproof Mascara

The popularity of L’Oréal Paris Makeup Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara speaks volumes and you should simply take the leap of faith with it.

If you need more convincing than that, let’s go over the details for a complete picture. The mascara is going to give volume and length to your eye lashes. It glides evenly and smooth on your eye lashes and its silky smooth formula doesn’t weigh down your lashes.


The mascara doesn’t smudge, flake or clump and looks natural and nice throughout the day. It has a soft wavy bristle brush which is going to ease out the application. There are more than 200 bristles that are going to help you create that mesmerizing look as you’re preparing for a dive later on. You may only need one coat and the mascara is going to last you for a good amount of time.

Thanks to the smooth formula, your eye lashes are always going to feel feathery soft to the touch. The mascara comes out easily and risk for eye irritation is minimal.


  • It gives length and volume to your lashes
  • Your lashes are going to have a soft feel to the touch
  • It lasts all day long and does come off easily
  • The brush comes with soft and wavy bristles


  • The tip of the mascara may gather some product
  • Some think that the applicator is a bit thick for the really thin lashes

If you’re not only looking for a long-lasting and waterproof mascara, but also for one that takes the volume of your lashes to the next level, the Maybelline Makeup Volume’ Express The Colossal Waterproof Mascara is the one to try.

The mascara’s formula is made with collagen so it’s going to give your lashes a nice volume without any risk for clumping. The formula is ophthalmologist tested so it can be used by contact lens wearers as well.


Formulated to provide a waterproof volume and length for your eye lashes, the mascara is going to last for quite some time. A little goes a long way and you don’t need to re-apply throughout the day. The wand is great for separating and coating your lashes and the real nylon bristles do a great job for creating the waterproof dramatic look.

The mascara goes on easily and ensures an amazing finish for your look. it doesn’t smudge nor smear and comes in two shades: Glam Black and Classic Black. You should definitely go with the Glam Black when you’re aiming for more drama for your appearance.


  • The formula is infused with collagen and safe for contact lens wearers
  • It separates the lashes and gives a nice volume
  • It doesn’t smudge, smear nor clump
  • You don’t need to re-apply it


  • Some noticed that it may flake when you’re wearing it for too long
  • One may feel it doesn’t hold the curl

Are you ready for some splurge? If you’re willing to pay the extra buck for a waterproof mascara, you should absolutely have a try with the Christian Dior show Iconic Waterproof Mascara.

The waterproof mascara has a gentle formula that glides right on your lashes, creating an even and nice look for them. It gives your lashes a pleasant definition and a natural length that is going to stay all day long, no matter how much you’re going to be swimming or sweating.


The mascara comes with a silicone brush, which many are going to like using. The color is great and the pigments are strong and long lasting. You’re not going to feel the need to apply more than one coat nor to re-apply it throughout the day.

Even if the formula is effective, it doesn’t irritate the eyes. You don’t need to work very hard for removing the mascara; some soapy warm water is going to be enough.

Easy to use and to remove, the mascara may be used daily, but you should store it in a cool dry place for preserving its qualities.


  • It’s a gentle, yet waterproof formula that doesn’t smudge or smear
  • It gives an attractive definition and length to your lashes
  • It’s easy to use and to remove
  • It glides on smoothly and doesn’t clump


  • Not everyone goes for the silicone brush
  • If your money is tight, you should look elsewhere

Best waterproof mascara for swimming

If you like swimming just as much as you love having a great look, the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara by Simply Naked Beauty is going to be just the perfect addition to your makeup arsenal.

The mascara is going to give your lashes a nice volume and length, lasting throughout a swimming session with no worry for smudging or smearing.

Easy to apply, the mascara stands out with a 3D Fiber and Gel formula, which may explain its impressive popularity. It uses small thickening micro fibers and a magnifying gel which is going to create an impressive volume and length.


You only need 2 coats for an impressive look. the mascara isn’t going to irritate, sting or burn your eyes. It dries fast and it’s pretty easy to remove as well.

The formula is made with natural and hypoallergenic ingredients. It’s cruelty-free too.


  • It’s made with natural and non-toxic ingredients
  • It gives volume and nice length
  • It’s easy to apply and to remove
  • You only need 2 coats for a long lasting look


  • It may clump, especially when not applied right
  • Some flakes may occur as well

Best waterproof mascara for sensitive eyes

Ophthalmologist tested, the Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara is a great option to consider if you have sensitive eyes. If you’re also wearing contact lens, this mascara is going to be your safe choice as well.

The mascara is going to give nice volume and length to your lashes throughout the whole day. It’s really easy to apply and it goes so smoothly on your eye lashes. You may only need one coat, but 2 coats are going to be just right. A little goes a long way so the mascara is going to last for quite some time.


In addition, the formula is waterproof so it’s going to stand humidity, heat and active days really well. It’s not going to flake, clump nor smudge.

The brush is well made and helps you curl your eye lashes so nicely. The mascara comes in black and brown so you can have your pick.

The formula is effective and long lasting, but it doesn’t irritate your eyes in any way. Removing the mascara isn’t a problem either.


  • The formula is efficient, yet gentle for sensitive eyes
  • It gives volume and length that last all day, no matter how humid it gets
  • It doesn’t flake, clump nor smudge
  • One coat is enough for the impressive results


  • It may dry out fast
  • It doesn’t thicken your eyelashes in an impressive way

Best volumizing waterproof mascara

How much are you willing to pay for long lasting volume for your eyelashes? If the price of Hypnose Drama Waterproof Full Impact Volume Mascara doesn’t throw you off, you should definitely take the plunge with it.

Not only that the mascara is going to curl so nicely your eyelashes, but it’s also going to plump them and make your eyes pop. The mascara comes with a straight applicator and using it isn’t going to be an issue.


The deep black looks great, no matter for how long you’re going to be swimming throughout the day. As a matter of fact, the mascara isn’t going to smudge, smear or run- no matter how humid the conditions get.

The formula is strong, but it doesn’t irritate the eye. It doesn’t flake either and you’re not going to need to apply several coats for getting nice results. It lifts and defines your eye lashes, giving them the long lasting volume that you were dreaming about while swimming.

Even if some are going to find the removal a bit tricky, some coconut oil is going to work its magic so don’t hesitate to use it.


  • It defines and plumps your eyelashes
  • It doesn’t smudge, smear or run
  • It’s long lasting and has a nice deep black color
  • You don’t need several coats


  • It’s not that easy to remove when you’re not using the right products
  • It’s not the cheapest mascara out there

Best cheap waterproof mascara

If your money is tight but you simply cannot go another day without a good waterproof mascara, the COVERGIRL Lashexact Mascara Waterproof Very Black may be exactly what you need.

The mascara comes with a nice brush that has just the perfect length for defining your lashes. Not only that it’s going to define them, but it’s also going to give a nice length and separation too.


The mascara doesn’t smudge nor clamps and you can go with several coats for a dramatic look. it’s a buildable formula that works so nicely. Its formula is hypoallergenic and safe to use even for contact lenses wearers.

The bristles are specially designed, aligned and clean and help you create a long lasting definition and length for your eye lashes. The risk for clumping is minimal and the mascara is really easy to remove.

Easy to use, the mascara gives nice results and takes a pool party any given day.


  • The formula is hypoallergenic
  • The bristles have a nice design
  • It gives definition and length to your lashes
  • It doesn’t smudge nor clamp


  • Some feel that you need to apply more than 2 coats for getting nice results
  • The brush may feel small for some

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