Bells and whistles aside, when it comes to waterproof mascara we all need to take its benefits with a grain of salt. Yes, you put it on and stays on even after you’ve cried your heart out, but should you wear it on a regular basis? Is waterproof mascara going to damage your eyelashes, making them fall? If so, how do you select your waterproof mascara? How to you remove it without damaging your eye? To these questions and many more we’re ready to answer so scroll down for the big enlighten. General info about Waterproof Mascaras Why use waterproof mascara? Waterproof mascara is yourRead More →

Water is the basic and essential need of the human body, without water you can’t survive for more time because the human body contains 60 to 75% of water. Water has many health benefits and from the ancient time it has been used as an important medicine and treatment for various health issues. Many studies have been proved that if a person drinks sufficient water in a day, he can cure many rare and dangerous diseases. A person should drink 8 to 10 glass of water in a day. Drinking water is quite beneficial for your skin, blackheads, hairs, stomach, headache, stress, constipation and manyRead More →

The crisp and striking appearance of matte lipstick (the red one especially) are easy to spot and you can never go without being noticed when wearing one. Choosing the right matte lipstick may not be difficult (even though it can get tricky), but applying and using the matte lipstick can be fundamental for the overall look. How to choose your matte lipstick anyway? This is the very first thing to do when it comes to matte lipstick. There are several formulas to choose from: lip stain, lip pencil, lipstick or lip gloss that dries to a stain. If you’re going with a lip pencil, rememberRead More →

Micro link hair extensions are hair extension method for you who want to get long hair without damage your hair. Hair extension is popular now. Most of the women will do hair extension because of some reasons. There are some reasons why women will choose to do hair extension. First, they choose to do hair extension because it is simple. They who have short hair can have long hair when they do hair extension. It is instant, and when you use micro link hair extensions, you will get some advantages. Second, they do micro link hair extensions because they follow the trend. They don’t wantRead More →

Modern age brings in a lot of challenges due to the faster pace of work, neck breaking deadlines, pollution, stress, and heavy dependence on junk food. Have you been suffering from hair fall off late? Do you feel your hair breaks and falls easily? Did they go dull? Don’t worry. These hand yoga mudras will help you. Yoga mudras are known to be very efficient and effortless way of treatment for hair problems. These accelerate hair regrowth and even prevent hair loss, premature graying of hair, and other issues. Yoga hand mudras are highly proven techniques for the cure and prevention of several ailments includingRead More →

The vast majority can securely utilize most excellence items – yet that does not imply that most magnificence items are free of issues. Skin responses and other hypersensitive matters related to excellence things happen every now and again. In fact, the FDA said, almost all cosmetics can cause a reaction in some people. In a survey of the FDA, to 25% of individuals reported a skin response to one or more beauty products. Problems can range from simple skin irritation or rashes to actual allergic reactions. Symptoms may appear after several uses or sometimes occur spontaneously after years of trouble-free use.   Skin reactions toRead More →

Many of us are allergic to make up products, and the hypoallergenic mascara comes as sweet relief from this problem. If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses, then you may feel comfortable wearing hypoallergenic mascara. However choosing the best can be a daunting task, and often one has to try out different brands before arriving at their best choice. Avoiding waterproof and colored mascaras as well as the ones that contain fibers is an excellent option for preventing allergic reactions. Hypoallergenic cosmetics explained The term hypoallergenic is confusing to many people. This means that the product is free of common allergens found inRead More →

Natural hair dyes are something that is extorted from natural sources like vegetables and fruits. Natural hair dye is referred as the best hair dye as it contains no harmful chemicals and so no adverse side effects. It is used eventually in the pure extracted form. As it is completely non-toxic, the natural hair dye does not cause any hazard to the health as well as environment. They are entirely safe for your hair structuring. Also, they also aid in the process of hair moisturizing, conditioning and are, therefore, regarded as the best hair dye for the long-term usage. Though a natural hair dye isRead More →