You Got Yourself a Dutch Oven- Do You Know how to Take Care of It? Dutch ovens are great on so many levels so you should never ever sit on the fence about whether you should get one or not. Getting and using a Dutch oven is one thing, taking care of it is another so scroll down for the tips to remember! How to clean your Dutch oven ? Cleaning your Dutch oven isn’t complicated, but you do need to do it properly in order to preserve its properties and performance. Here are the steps to take: Remove all large pieces of food thatRead More →

The electric skillet is a versatile device which is only going to make your multi-purpose cooking appliances collection a lot more valuable. If you’re looking for a kitchen appliance that is going to work without needing you a fully-equipped kitchen, the electric skillet is the one you’re looking for. Why should you get an electrical skillet? One of the best thing about the electric skillet is that you only need an electric outlet to heat it up, so you’re going to eliminate both the hazards that a gas stove present and you’re going to reduce your gas bill too. The non-stick coating, an evenly heatedRead More →