Human trafficking is a phenomena happening all over the world. In order to help the victims of criminal activities and human trafficking, the U.S. Congress passed in 2000 the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act, along with the Battered Immigrant Women’s Protection Act. This is how the U.S were able to develop two types of visas for the non-US citizens that are subject to this sort of crimes in the U.S: T Visa- victims of human trafficking U Visa- Victims of criminal activity that have been through mental and physical abuse What is the T visa? The U.S non-immigrant visa, the T visa isRead More →

Thanks to the Internet, anything is possible nowadays, from shopping, gambling, data entry, to wedding planning or recruiting. Internet is an amazing place for learning and it sure eases the efforts for people to get various certifications. The online proctoring services (the remote proctoring) include a process by which a candidate is going to be proctored live with the help of the Internet and a web camera, eliminating the need for the candidate to be in the same location as the proctors. How is the proctoring done? The candidate that is proctored stays in front of his/her computer system, facing the web camera. The proctorsRead More →

Travelling back in time It was the 1940’s when the 360 Degree Performance Appraisal method was used for the very first time. this method is able to offer every employee the possibility to obtain performance feedback from his peers, staff members, supervisors, customers and co-workers. The 360 Degree Performance Appraisal or the multi-source feedback is in fact a performance assessment or an appraisal tool that includes feedback from everyone noticing and being affected by one’s performance. For which category of employee may this tool be used? This tool is commonly use for the employees at middle and senior level. They play a complex role withinRead More →

As a job seeker, you’re considered the seller of your profile. The buyers are the hiring managers and recruiters for various organization. Most of them use social networks such as LinkedIn profile to find potential candidates in the required areas. It’s necessary especially when comparing the submitted resume and the description given on that platform and also that, it’s an easy way of getting employees. Professional LinkedIn profile writer helps create a sophisticated description of yourself ranging from personal details to qualification and work experiences if any. This information enables you to connect with many professionals and recruiters thus satisfying your desires. Ways to AchieveRead More →

Is there really a best instant coffee? If you had asked me last year i would have said an emphatic “NO!” But things seem to have improved slightly this year in regards to the quality of some brands of instant coffee. Now trying to find a good instant coffee is not really a big deal if that is all you are used to drinking on a daily basis. But if you are used to either coffee from a cafetiere or even a single serve coffee machine then you will know as well as i do that if you then try to drink a cup ofRead More →

  At High Q, we work for you – the student. The aim of all of our programs isn’t to get you to fit in with our methods, or to conform to how we think you should live, learn, and behave. As strange as it may seem, we just want you to realize and achieve your full potential, and to get you through your psychometric and matriculation exams with flying colors.   That sounds good, but how do you hope to achieve this? With over 35 years of experience, we’ve learned that the best way to achieve this isn’t to force all of our studentsRead More →