Cleaning Curtains- All The Tips to Follow for Best Results

Even if you use curtains to keep some of the bright light away, the curtains also play a big part in the aesthetics of your home. The right curtains can give a luxurious feel, add a bit of color or spice up the things in a room.

Curtains do collect a lot of dust and stains too, and maintaining them fresh is mandatory for your health and home.

Taking the curtains down and bundling them into the washing machine is the only thing to do, and there are other things you should do before. Scroll down for the details.

What are the general cleaning tips for curtains?

general cleaning curtains

Even though some of the curtains may need individual cleaning steps, here are the general rules to follow:

  • The preparation

Curtains are made from various fabrics, so it makes sense that they may need different care techniques. You should start by reading the care instructions of your curtains. If there aren’t any, washing the curtains on a cold cycle with a mild detergent is the safest way to do it.

If you have the skills, you should try hand-wash the curtains. Some curtains come with embellishment or details that the washing machine could ruin for good. You may also have curtains that are made with delicate fabric that doesn’t handle the washing machine in the first place. If so, it’s wiser to go with hand-washing. It’s going to protect the delicate embellishment and fabric.

Take down the curtains slowly and make sure that you remove all rings, hooks, and trims. You shouldn’t leave any hooks as they may tear the fabric during the cleaning process.

If the curtains are colored, you should run a color test on a small area on the reverse side of the hem. Keep in mind that some fabric may shrink up to five % in size when washing, so make sure the curtains are big enough.

  • The cleaning process

In the case of hand-washing, it’s straightforward to put the curtains in a bathtub, as you’re going to have a lot more space.

Even if there are difficult stains on the curtains, try your best to stay away from the bleach. Don’t rub, soak, or wring the curtains either. Gently washing the curtains is the best way for expanding the lifespan of the curtains.

  • The drying phase

To maintain the curtains in good shape for a very long time, it’s wiser that you hang them by the hooks in the shade. Remember that wet curtains are weighty, so make sure that the lines are sturdy enough. Even if it’s quite tempting, don’t put the curtains in the dryer (the chances are that you may ruin both the curtains and the drying machine). Don’t hang the curtains over the clothesline nor use pegs. It’s only going to cause marks or folds that are difficult to get rid of later on.

If the fabric allows, you may warm the iron and iron the curtains. Sometimes, hanging the curtains only after washing is going to be enough. Due to their weight, the creases are going to fall out naturally, for a beautiful appearance.

Now and then between the washing, you can use the vacuum cleaner attachment and give the curtains a good vacuum. Keeping them fresh and dust free isn’t just crucial for the feel of your home, but also your health, especially if you’re fighting with dust allergies.

How to clean various kinds of curtains?

kinds of curtains

As we’ve mentioned already, different types of curtains require particular cleaning requirements. Here are some recommendations to remember:

  • Lined curtains

The lined curtains aren’t easy to wash, and the dry-cleaning (P30) may be the best option. Look for a dry cleaner that knows what’s he/she’s doing.

If you’re determined to do it on your own, it’s better that you check the fabric and the lining first. If there are two kinds of materials used on the curtain, one of the sides may shrink during the washing and ruining the curtains. Ideally, you want the lining to be removable so that you may wash the two separately. Use a mild detergent and lukewarm water for washing.

  • Unlined curtains

They’re low maintenance, so keeping them in good shape is a breeze. Hand washing the unlined curtains with some lukewarm water may be the easiest way for cleaning.

  • Voile curtains

The voile curtains are made of light fabrics, so taking them down and hand wash them in some lukewarm water comes easy. You can warm iron the voile curtains after they’ve dried.

  • Insulated curtains

Insulated curtains are a particular type as they’re capable of keeping hot sun rays away in the summer for a fresh home, and keep the warmth inside during the cold winter.

Taking care of insulated curtains is a bit more complicated, so check out the further recommendations.

What’s the best method to clean insulated curtains?

best method to clean curtains

The best tip when it comes to cleaning insulated curtains is to be meticulous about it. Here’s how to do it right:

     1. Take care of the dust

You need to begin with vacuuming the curtains from both sides. You want to clean all the creases, so use the brush attachment of the vacuum from the top down. It’s easier to do it while the curtains are hanging. Do it once a month for keeping your house clean.

     2. Give the curtains a light wash

Damp a clean cloth into some lukewarm water and rub the surface of the curtains gently. Do it with circular motions and don’t put too much water. Make sure you also have a dry cloth close by for dabbing away the excess water.

You can also use fabric cleaning sprays, but run a fabric test on a small patch before.

     3. Wash the curtains

You should wash the insulated curtains once a year. Take them down from the rods and put them in the bathtub. You can also send the curtains to dry cleaning.

If you’re doing it at home, fill the tub with some water, add some detergent and place the curtains into the tub. Rub the curtains, but not too much as you don’t want to rip out the fabric.

     4. Dry the curtains

Rinse the curtains and hang them vertically. If they’re not too heavy, you may very well hang them back in place.

You can also iron the curtains once they’re dry.

One last recommendation

You want to hang the curtains as they were. You can go the extra mile and use the steamer for removing all creases that you’ve missed. You may also spray a bit of fabric freshener for giving a lovely smell once you’re done.

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