Dog Fences- The Types& Everything In Between

If you’re a dog owner, you probably know that protecting your dog in and outside the house shows only that you care so much for your dog. Protecting your dog inside the house is a bit easier, thanks to the pet cameras. Easy to install and to come with so many great functions nowadays, the surveillance cameras for pets help you take a peek at your mutt when you’re not home. Heck, some models even give them a treat, so your dog isn’t going to miss you that much!

If you also own a big yard (or live in the countryside), the challenges are big once your dog steps out of the door. Luckily for the dog owners, the dog fences are one way to make sure that your dog doesn’t run away.

The variety of dog fences is really good, and you can have your pick right after taking a look at the details down below:

  • Wooden dog fence

Winner of the popularity contest, the wooden dog fence is the traditional way to protect your dog and intimidate the intruders from crossing your property. As it’s supposed to be high, your dog isn’t going to be able to jump over it.

The most significant downside is that the wooden dog fence does need proper care and maintenance. You need to protect the wood from getting rotten regularly. If you also want to take a look at your neighbors, you’re not going to see much of them with this type of offense.

Besides, the wooden dog fence isn’t the cheapest option. Unless you’re a professional carpenter, you’re going to pay for the materials and the labor as well.

  • Picket dog fence

This type of dog fence is a reliable alternative to the high and traditional wooden dog fence. You still use wood, but you’re going to be able to see your neighborhood. It’s going to protect your dog too.

The picket dog fence looks quite nice, but it allows the small stray animals from entering your yard. You also need to take good care of it (wood, remember?), but you may pay less than in the case of the traditional wooden dog fence.

  • Split-rail dog fence

This fence reminds you of a wooden fence, but with a twist! This fence looks great, but it doesn’t make the perfect choice if your dog loves to tunnel out or jump over the bars. You may still have to add some wire mesh fabric between the posts.

Some may find the installation of this type of dog fence a bit time-consuming. Don’t forget about maintenance, as it’s also made of wood!

  • Chain link dog fence

This type of dog fence is about heavy and metal chain links that connect multiple posts. They’re tough and take the use for a long time. They’re tough enough to withstand the wear and tear caused by large dogs.

The chain link dog fence is also going to keep intruders at bay. The main pet peeve is the price, so give it a second thought if you’re buying on a tight budget.

  • Snowdog fence

This fence is made with pieces of wire mesh fabric that is linked to a row of posts. If you also want to keep the smallest intruders at a distance, this is the type to go with.

It may not be very durable, but it’s cheaper than another type of dog fences.

  • Electric dog fence

The electric (invisible) dog fence system is based on an electric wire. It includes a receiver collar that you attach around your dog’s neck. The electric wire is buried underground, and it sets a perimeter that marks the limits of your yard.

When your dog gets too close to the boundary (that he cannot see), he’s going to get a correction signal through the receiver collar.

Even if it’s not cheap, the system works great for aesthetic reasons. It’s also rather easy to install, and you don’t need to clean or maintain it.

  • Wireless dog fence

Similar to the electric dog fence, the wireless dog fence makes the perfect option for one that doesn’t want any objects to block the view.

You’re not going to use an electric wire for limiting the areas. Instead, this type of dog fence is based on a transmitter linked to the receiver collar. The transmitter is going to emit signal within the perimeter. You only need to install the transmitter, connecting it with the receiver collar.

The price may throw some off, but the benefits are worth the extra buck.

Why should you use an invisible dog fence?

Dog Fences

If you’re sitting on the fence about getting an invisible dog fence (), here are some benefits of invisible dog fences:

  • versatility

You don’t need to think about the terrain where you’re installing the invisible dog fence. No matter how flat/sloping your yard is, you’re going to be able to install this type of dog fence in no time.

This type of fence may cover a big area, in all sorts of patterns. Your dog isn’t going to stress about having a limited area to jump around.

  • good looks

Even if you’re using an electric dog fence, no one is going to see the wires buried underground. The collar of your dog looks just like any other collar too.

There are no structures to block the view so you may say “Hello” to your neighbors any given time.

  • functionality

You don’t need any carpenter or handyman for installing the invisible dog fence. You don’t need any skills; patience and some time are going to be enough. No need to buy some sophisticated tools either; many of them you already have them in your garage. Once installed, no need to pain, care for, or maintain the electric/invisible fences.

  • Durability

As you have no structures to worry about, there’s nothing exposed to the elements. Therefore, there’s nothing to affect the life span of your invisible/electric fence.

Nevertheless, you do need to worry about the adverse weather condition. Lighting strikes do damage to the whole system for good. It’s good to know that most systems come with lightning protectors. Some may feature additional accessories that you need to pay for. Either way, it’s best that you get them for expanding the durability of the system.

On top of everything else, your dog isn’t going to bite the material of the fence. There isn’t any! No dog is going to be able to dig out the buried wires. He’s not going to be able to get to them either as the system is going to send correction signals to the receiver collar.

  • Reliability

More often than not, dogs learn their way around a traditional dog fence. They may crawl under or climb over- they do find solutions! Sadly for them (better for them, though) they’re not going to be able to trick the invisible/electric fences. With no structures to climb over or crawl under, the invisible/electric dog fences do stand out as the most reliable types of fences for your dog.

  • Cost-efficiency

Many are thinking about the budget when investing in a dog fence. Even if you may feel like paying more upfront, you’re not going to spend any money on maintenance. However, the invisible/electric dog fence isn’t the most expensive type out there. Think about that when making the purchase!

Any downsides for the invisible/electric dog fence?

invisible or electric dog fence

No dog fence is perfect, and the invisible/electric fence does come with some flaws:

  • The battery dependence

The invisible dog fence is based on batteries for power, so you need to change/recharge them regularly. Some find this flaw a bit annoying in time.

To every problem, there is a solution! You can get enough replaceable batteries at home, so you don’t go out in the middle of the night for batteries.

If you’re using rechargeable batteries, you can set a specific day and time to recharge them. Soon enough, it’s going to become a habit.

  • Training requirement

Don’t install an electric/invisible dog fence if you’re a busy dog owner. You need to spend some time with your dog to train him. A dog may need a couple of weeks for training, but it depends a lot on the dog and the fence. It’s going to take a lot longer if your dog doesn’t pick up or he’s dealing with some behavior problems.

The training depends on how fast your dog learns not to cross the limitations. The correction stimulation is also important. Too much or too little can cancel the efficiency of the whole system. You want your dog to listen easily; you don’t want to hurt him in any way.

  • No deterring ability

In the case of the invisible fence, it’s not only you or your neighbors that have a clear view of your property. Possible intruders have a clear view too. Nothing is going to stop the stray animals so they can also drop by unannounced.

No worries if you live in a nice and secure neighborhood. If you want to stay on the safe side, you may also consider other security systems! Remember the video surveillance systems we’ve talked about earlier?


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