Electric Skillet-Why Use One and How to Buy the Best Model for Your Needs

The electric skillet is a versatile device which is only going to make your multi-purpose cooking appliances collection a lot more valuable. If you’re looking for a kitchen appliance that is going to work without needing you a fully-equipped kitchen, the electric skillet is the one you’re looking for.

Why should you get an electrical skillet?

One of the best thing about the electric skillet is that you only need an electric outlet to heat it up, so you’re going to eliminate both the hazards that a gas stove present and you’re going to reduce your gas bill too. The non-stick coating, an evenly heated surface and a pretty generous cooking area are also among the benefits that an electrical skillet presents.

When you’re using an electric skillet, you’re not going to heat up your kitchen as much as when using a standard skillet. This is an amazing good thing especially during the summer months when cooking becomes a real challenge.

An electric skillet is also going to keep the cooking temperature that you need a lot better than stovetop range, which depend on the burning flame. If you want to fry some doughnuts and chicken, the electric skillet is your best choice as it’s going to give a steady temperature for your cooking.

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Some use the electrical skillets as heated serving dishes, which is great when you’re trying to maintain large portions of food warm, while serving dinner. Leaving the food uneattended in an electric skillet is a lot safer than on a traditional stove. if you’re planning an intense session of cooking, an electric skillet is going to be a great solution, providing you some extra cooking space.

On top of everything else, electric skillets typically stand on a frame, which makes them look really fancy and elegant.

What counts the most when selecting an electric skillet?

There are 5 main things to consider when looking for an electric skillet:

  • Size and shape

There are many options in terms of sizes and shapes, but most out there have a diameter ranging between 10 and 16in. think about what kind of food you’re going to cook with it when considering the size. Don’t forget about your counter space as well.

Square, oval and rectangular are the most popular options when it comes to shape.

  • Temperature controls

The temperature controls are also to be taken under consideration. If you want to use it mostly for deep-frying, a skillet that can easily get to 450degrees is your best shot. An electric skillet that doesn’t go higher than 400degrees, is going to be reliable for stir-frying. Not all models come with control for low/high heat, so choose wisely.

  • Cooking style

Your cooking style also counts when selecting the electric skillet. You want it to come with a glass lid if you plan to use it for soup and stew so that you may see what’s happening inside. If you’re going to cook meals that don’t need much time to be done, a plastic lid is going to be enough.

Don’t forget to give a thought on the residue your meals typically leave behind. Go with a stainless steel model if your meal is going to leave a lot of residue.

  • Budget

No matter your cooking needs, you should always take a look at your wallet too. It’s going to be easier for you to narrow down the options when you know how much you’re willing to pay. This doesn’t mean that you should settle with the cheapest model, nor buy one simply because it’s expensive. Do due diligence and go through all the details when selecting.

  • Cleaning method

How you’re going to clean your electric skillet is also important, especially if you typically have a loaded dishwasher. If you don’t like wash it by hand, look for a model that is safe to place in the dishwasher. Keep in mind that not all models are dishwasher safe and some can only be cleaned with a rag and some liquid soap.

What other features matter?

Even though they’re not mandatory, the following features may seal the deal in some situations:

  • Locking lid

A locking lid is always going to worth the extra buck as it’s going to make it a lot easier for carrying the electric skillet around. if you’re going to carry the skillet from your kitchen to the dinner table, you may want to do is extra safe so a locking lid makes sense.

  • Glass lids

A glass lid is going to help you see what’s happening inside the electric skillet and you’re not going to have to put the lid aside while cooking. The heat is going to remain locked inside and the cooking process goes on without any interruption.

  • Heat-resistant handles

Handles that are heat-resistant are also important and you’re not going to need to wear oven mitt anymore. You simply pick the electric skillet up without worrying that you’re going to burn your hands.

  • Drainage spouts

They are also features that increase the overall value of your skillet. They let you pour out the broth/grease a lot easier. No more worries about dumping the meal in the kitchen sink as you’re draining the grease.

  • Non-stick coating

This feature is essential according to many and not many electric skillets actually come with a non-stick feature on the interior and the exterior. When your meal doesn’t stick to the pan, you’re going to clean it a lot easier. A model made of warp-proof material is one great choice to look for as it’s both long lasting and doesn’t let the food to stick as well.

  • Adjustable steam vent

Try your best and look for an electric skillet that features adjustable steam vent on the lid. The vent is going to reduce the risk for liquid spills. When your skillet doesn’t have one, the pressure is only going to raise, causing the liquid to leak and…you know the rest of the drill. Suddenly, you have to clean up the kitchen as well.

One last tip for the road!

Look for an electric skillet that has high sides as it’s going to let you cook larger amounts of food and that’s great especially since Christmas dinner is coming. In addition, higher sides are going to ease up the deep-fry and braise. Planning some weird food size? An electric skillet with high sides is always going to be there for the rescue!

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