Exercises to Do with Your Power Lift Chair

A lift chair is a comfortable and dependable piece of furniture that you may have to use at some point in your life. One of the downsides of the lift chairs is that it’s also introducing a rather laid back lifestyle that may reduce your chances of living an active living style.

Even if you’re struggling with mobility issues, there are still some exercises that you can work with your power lift chair.

Why are exercises important?

Exercises are going to keep us happy and healthy, reducing the level of stress. They’re able to help us get more relaxed, just the way the power lift chairs can. Add the heated and massage functions to your lift chair, and you get a clear image of one perfect power lift chair.

Combining relaxation and exercises is excellent for your health. Anyone struggling with movement issues can perform exercise routines within the comfort and protection of the lift chair.

Getting some exercises is better than not getting any so you should create an exercise routine in your power lift chair.

It’s vital that you build your strength after an operation or injury that left you unable to move as much as you can. Using the power lift chair for that is going to make it a lot easier. You should perform some exercises routines on your lift chair for speeding up the recovery. It’s also essential that you build strength and exercise all muscles in your body, which increases the circulation and helps you heal faster.

When you present a risk for falling, the exercises are fundamental for your gaining your stability. Even for an average person, some recliner exercises are a great way of starting slow and easy.

Remember that no relaxation or exercise routine is going to be enough for keeping you healthy. A balanced and healthy diet is also essential. Forget about the fatty snack foods or sweets and crisps. No exercises in the world are going to be enough when you’re always eating!

A short list of exercises you can perform on your lift chair/recliner.

There are many exercises that you can try with your power lift chair so here’s a short list:

  • Push-ups for core strengthening your abdominal muscles and arms
  • Quad training for the legs and glutes
  • Leg and arm curls
  • Arm exercises for biceps and triceps
  • Back strengthening exercises so that you alleviate back pain
  • Abdominal exercises for losing the belly
  • Leg lifts for the calves and thighs
  • Stretching and flexing before and after the exercises routing. You want to do it for easing the cramps and improving the circulation
  • Neck and shoulder exercises for comfort and pain

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Here are the detailed activities to try with your lift chair/recliner

Let’s go over some of the main categories of exercises that you can perform with your power lift chair/recliner.

  • Core building exercises
    • Put the footrest up, tilting back into the lift chair
    • Lift your upper body until you feel a bit of pressure in your abdomen. Your back should be straight the whole time
    • Maintain your body in this position for a couple of seconds.
    • Comfortable back into the seat slowly.
    • Repeat for 30 times or so.
  • Quad and leg exercises
    • Sit/lie down on the lift chair
    • Place the legs together, tilting the toes upwards
    • Flex the legs (your toes should be tilted up), stretching them. Apply good pressure to the squads
    • Maintain the position for 10-20 seconds, relaxing afterward
    • Repeat the exercise five times.
  • Recliner arm exercises
    • Sit with your feet on the ground. Make sure that your back is straight and aligned
    • Place the arms on the armrests, mimicking the standing up. Put some pressure on the muscles in your arms
    • Lift the body a bit off the power lift chair. You need to keep the rear in contact with the seat and push up with the arms.
    • Hold it like this for a couple of seconds and relax your arms and body afterward
    • Repeat the set five times to get best results
  • Lift chair leg curls
    • Sit up straight and forward on the lift chair
    • Make sure that your back is away from the end of the chair. Sit close to the edge of your power lift chair
    • Lean back as far as you can, holding just before the head touches the headrest
    • Maintain the position a couple of seconds, breathing and releasing to start position in a slow way
    • Repeat the set five times.
  • Back exercises

The exercises for the back are complex, and you should watch some tutorials online. Some shoulder lifts and rolling of your neck from side to side are going to be useful for calming the muscles and strengthening them.

It’s normal to feel some pain and tightness in the muscle areas that you’ve worked on. It means that the exercises are working and you’re doing it all right too.

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One last recommendation

If you’re an older or a delicate person, or if you’re recovering from an injury/surgery, it’s best that you ask someone to help you with the exercises in the beginning. You don’t want to develop further pain or injury.

The primary purpose of these exercises is to sustain the healing process, help your muscles get stronger without causing any other harm to your body. Even if the relaxation of your power lift chair is fantastic, adding some exercise routine is going to improve the whole experience and your well-being too.

Take it slowly, give yourself time and patience and don’t forget to do some stretching and flexing before and after your exercise routine!

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