Kodi- All the Reasons for Which We’re Using It

No matter how you name, Kodi gives you permission to streaming various media content (music and videos included), providing you a way of storing and access the content from the comfort of your home. As if this wasn’t an enough of advantage, Kodi works on the most operating system and numerous devices as well.

When you need to get to and record some content, Kodi is a great option to consider. Scroll down to find all the essentials.

What’s to say about Kodi?

Kodi is, in fact, an open supplier of the software media center that lets you access various types of content, music, and video including. You may run the subject on any gadget: laptop, TV, tablet, phone, and many more. You can run it on Raspberry PI as well.

What’s to say about Kodi

Kodi presents a particular interface which is compatible with local and network service for storing that you’re using.

One thing to mention at this moment is that Kodi doesn’t include content in the beginning, but you can use add-ons (they don’t belong to Kodi, but are third-party) for improving the whole Kodi performance.

What is it that Kodi can do?

When we take a look at the entertainment section, it’s a lot easier to mention what Kodi cannot do. In terms of music, Kodi can run many formats, AAC, OGG, and MP3 included. It gives you the option of tagging various tracks and comes with smart playlists as well.

When it comes to video, you should know that Kodi is compatible with H.264, ISO, 3D, and other formats too, without skipping the ability of streaming content from the Internet. If you’re importing the movies, it’s also going to add fan art, posters, video extras, trailers and more for every single item.

By now you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that Kodi is a match for TV shows as well and you can easily store your beloved TV-show in the service. Tags and posters are also available for the TV show sections. Now that we’re in the TV area let’s highlight that Kodi helps you watch and store even Live TV with the help of the software. You’re only going to have to run a capable backend service (Next PVR, MediaPortal, TV headend. MythTV are few of the names).

Don’t hesitate to use Kodi for streaming your pictures. It allows you to import the images into a library and run a slideshow, among various functions.

When can you use Kodi?

Kodi is made to work with iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Windows. It means that you can use it wherever you are, on all the devices you can think of. You may use it with set-top boxes, streaming devices, your television, and even on an Xbox One.

When can you use Kodi

Kodi offers robust functionality, which explains its rising popularity. Some limitations are to be noted, but the company is working on it as we speak.

The moment it starts working on your device, you’re going to notice a banner inviting to select between Videos, Pictures, Music, and many more. You only need to go to the selected section and download the content. You have to store the content locally, but a network drive can work to (as long as you can access it at home and from a distance).

Another great thing about Kodi is that it’s capable of categorizing the whole content so that you may access it from every single gadget where you installed the software.

Which devices can you use with Kodi?

An interesting fact about Kodi is that it doesn’t list the entire gadgets that you can use it with, but provide the necessary hardware and software qualification. It’s another way to find out if your devices support it or not.

iOS users have a shot for using Kodi on their iPads or iPhones only if they’re jailbroken. As for the Android users, they need to run Android 5.0 or newer and download the app from the Google Play marketplace.

It’s great that Kodi is also compatible with fourth-generation Apple TV, but also with the 1st and 2nd generation Apple TVs.

You’re going to need Intel Pentium 4 and later for running Kodi on  Linux. The Graphic cars made in the last ten years are going to be handy too. Don’t forget that you need 4GB of free space on the hard drive.

When it comes to Mac, Kodi is going to work with Mac OS X10.7 (Lion) and later. If you’re a Window user, Window Vista (or later) is what it takes for your system to be compatible with Kodi.

No matter the device you’re planning to use with Kodi, you should always stay up-to-date on the always-evolving world of streaming technology. For instance, Troy Point can guide you and provide you the complete guide on using Kodi on your devices. Make time and find out everything you need for running Kodi on your particular devices.

Is Kodi able of streaming Live TV?

Kodi streaming Live TV

Many users like the personal video recordability of Kodi, which lets you file but also stock live content. You only need to link the PVR to a backend TV server that is capable of streaming live television and also record content from the Internet.

Should you go with Kodi instead of cable?

It goes without saying that Kodi comes with everything it takes to become a cable box (it can file and even record live TV, but also downloaded house content). However, Kodi doesn’t come with the material the minute it gets to you, which may be a deal breaker for some.

At the end of the day, it’s about what you’re planning to do with Kodi.

Is Kodi safe? Is it legal?

No worries whatsoever when it comes to safety. Kodi isn’t causing any trouble, and it’s safe to use out of the box. The only safety concern comes from the add-ons (you may want to look into that).

As for legality, everything about Kodi is very much legal. Kodi is somewhat like a blank canvas that you can “paint” whatever you want.

It doesn’t mean that some aren’t using Kodi to house copyright content (illegally obtained), with the TV Add-ons posing a high risk for accessing and spreading pirated content.

Is Kodi the solution for you?

If you know your way around software and how to collect content from various services in just one place, Kodi is the modern solution for you. There are plenty of instructional guides out there (scroll up to see one source once again) that helps you find out everything about Kodi. But only if you’ve got the skills.

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