Mascara for Swimming-Which Type Works &How to Use It Right

Once the summer is coming, many are leaving the makeup aside. It’s time to spend the whole day outside and inside the water- and water is one place where makeup doesn’t do well.

But is it the case for all makeup? Can you wear mascara and not wonder if it’s all smeared up by the time you go out of the pool? Are the heat and the water ruining your makeup, or is it the formula that doesn’t handle the heat?

Can you swim and wear mascara at the same time?

In all fairness, finding a mascara that works implies a lot of trial and error. Add water into the equation, and you need to step up the selection game for sure.

swim and wear mascara at the same time

No matter if you’re planning to swim in the ocean or the pool, it’s the waterproof mascara that is going to help you look still lovely when you get out of the water. Even so, finding waterproof mascara that doesn’t leave you with panda eyes at the end of your swimming session isn’t going to be a breeze.

More often than not, a regular mascara isn’t going to handle swimming, but not all water-resistant formulas are going to work either. You can take a leap of faith with water-resistant mascara when working out or shading a tear, but the mascara isn’t going to stay for long when making a deep splash. Water-resistant isn’t going to do it; it’s a waterproof formula that works the best when swimming.

What’s the ideal mascara for swimming?

It’s pretty common for the waterproof formulas to be thick and drying, sucking all the moisture out of the lashes. It’s one of the reasons for which you should pay attention to some ingredients (coconut oil and rose oil are only a few to name) which lower the risk for your lashes to break or get brittle. Adding a bit of Vaseline on your lashes before you put the waterproof mascara on is also going to help.

As there are so many waterproof formulas out there, here’s something to look for when selecting. You want your waterproof mascara to have a gel formula that is meant to keep water away from your lashes. A fiber-enhanced formula is also going to give volume to your lashes. Collagen and numerous fruit extracts should be on the list of ingredients; they’re essential for conditioning and protecting them from breaking.

Keep in mind that the risk for flaking in the case of the waterproof formula is almost never null. An excellent waterproof formula is going to stay that well that removing it isn’t going to be easy- not with the traditional makeup remover anyway. You’re going to find out some tricks on that later in the article.

Can natural formula work for swimming?

Natural mascara is difficult to find, especially if you want it to stay in place even when you get sweaty. Finding natural formulas that work even when you go swimming is almost impossible, though. However, you can take the plunge with a vegan formula, which doesn’t include phthalates, parabens, and other possibly irritating ingredients. A mascara of this type can even come in two colors (dark blue and black) and keeps the lashes well-conditioned as it contains unique ingredients like vitamin B, kelp extract, or coconut oil.

Even if such formula is described as water-resistant, it may handle swimming pretty well and stay in place, no matter how much time you’re spending in the salty ocean or the chlorine water.

What’s the most effective way to remove waterproof mascara?

Even if waterproof mascara is your ideal choice for swimming, it’s anything but easy to get it out of your lashes. It’s supposed to stay for a long time (it’s the isododecane that keeps it in place), so removing it isn’t supposed to be easy.

Here are a couple of methods to use for removing your waterproof mascara after a long day by the pool:

remove waterproof mascara

   1. Cotton balls, q-tips, and makeup remover

It’s the most obvious way to get the waterproof mascara out of your lashes. Here’s how to do it right:

  • Apply the makeup remover on the cotton balls
  • Close your eyes, placing the cotton balls right below the lashes
  • Use only gentle pressure on your lashes from above. Always do it gently so that you don’t get any in your eye (it can lead to an eye infection)
  • You can keep it so for 20 seconds until you notice the mascara starting to dissolve
  • As you’re holding down the eyelashes, you continue with sliding the cotton ball. No tugging is allowed.
  • Take a quick look in the mirror to see the progress. If mascara is still on, you may wipe the underside of the eyelashes until you can no longer see it.
  • Dip a q-tip in the makeup remover to get rid of the mascara from the bottom of your lashes.
  • Use a gentle face cleanser to eliminate all possible residue or traces of mascara. Get some lukewarm water for rinsing your face.
  • Don’t forget to apply a gentle moisturizer as makeup removers dry out the skin.

   2. Use baby oil

If you don’t know it already, baby oil is the solution for many situations, including when having to remove waterproof mascara. However, you should take it with a grain of salt as baby oil is formulated with petroleum,  which may harm your eyes.

You can damp a cotton ball into a bit of baby oil. Put the cotton ball on the bottom of the eyelashes and wipe them carefully. Make sure you do it in a single direction. Again, try your best not to tug.

If you don’t have baby oil around the house, you should grab some baby shampoo for getting the waterproof mascara out of your lashes. Make sure it’s a no-tear formula which helps you not to end up crying.

   3. Have you ever tried petroleum jelly?

If you want to do it easy and fast, petroleum jelly is your no.1 choice. You only need to use your fingers and coat the eyelashes with some petroleum jelly. Let it sit for 5 minutes or so and remove it with a cotton ball when it’s time. Use some warm water too as you don’t want any of it in your eyes.

   4. Try the coconut oil too

Coconut oil is a popular ingredient amongst the beauty aficionados due to its powerful abilities. You only have to keep a cotton ball (damped with coconut oil) on your eyelashes for 30 seconds.

   5. Olive oil is a sure thing too

Olive oil is an amazingly versatile ingredient to have around the house, and one of its uses is for removing waterproof mascara.

You should begin with wetting your eyelids (you splash some water). You pour a couple of drops of olive oil on a cotton ball, pressing it gently on the eyelashes. Let it sit for a minute and wipe it away afterward.

Use some lukewarm water for washing your face when you’re done. Not only that olive oil removes the waterproof mascara, but it also benefits your skin- so it’s two effects with just one ingredient!

Side note: Maybe you’ve noticed, but, no matter the method you decide to use for removing the waterproof mascara, you should always finish with washing your face with some lukewarm water. Applying your regular moisturizer is also essential as you want to keep your face in good shape; makeup removers always tend to dry out the skin.

Can you manage the waterproof mascara?

More often than not, waterproof makeup (mascara included) is more cumbersome and more difficult to remove. It’s essential that you use the right cleanser so that you don’t leave any mascara in your eyelashes. Waterproof works as a stain and, it may clog pores, blocking your skin from breathing. Unless you have the right cleanser, you shouldn’t apply waterproof mascara.

At the end of the day, waterproof mascara is your best shot when swimming, but you need to be aware of the challenge of taking it off. The strong chemicals that help waterproof mascara stay in place are the same that won’t allow easy removal when you’re done for the day.

Briefly put, you may grab your waterproof mascara for a day by the pool. But you should also grab the right makeup remover too.

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