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Natural hair dyes are something that is extorted from natural sources like vegetables and fruits. Natural hair dye is referred as the best hair dye as it contains no harmful chemicals and so no adverse side effects. It is used eventually in the pure extracted form. As it is completely non-toxic, the natural hair dye does not cause any hazard to the health as well as environment. They are entirely safe for your hair structuring. Also, they also aid in the process of hair moisturizing, conditioning and are, therefore, regarded as the best hair dye for the long-term usage.

Though a natural hair dye is regarded safer, each will have a different perception or threshold of their tolerance levels. There may be a possibility of allergic reactions to the natural ingredients used in a natural hair dye. Hence, before using it, it is always advised to go for a patch test to see if your body accepts it or not. It is very simple to perform a patch test. Apply a small amount of the natural hair dye on the skin behind the ear or inner side of the elbow. If you find any irritation or itchy skin, then it is better to avoid it on your body.

You can get a variety of color options in natural hair dye. These include:

1. Use indigo and castor bean to get a natural and shiny black color.

2. To have a reddish brown shade, it walnut hulls and henna are used

3. If you want to have a fair-haired or a pale look, then you can go for rhubarb, chamomile, and saffron

 4. To get a bluish tint, use woad and indigo

5. Natural hair dye is also made from black tea, black coffee, and boiling potatoes.

6. Different herbs are also used effectively such as parsley, calendula, rosemary, catnip, sage, hibiscus flowers, lemon, betony, raspberry, leaves, rosehips, black tea and ivy berries.

Another simple technique for natural hair dye is going for gray hair dye. In this process, you have to make a solution by mixing a half cup of sage and rosemary in a bowl containing 2 cups of water. Heat this mixture for ten minutes and allow it to cool for an hour. Then, strain it and apply this homemade gray hair dye to your hairs evenly. Leave it for about an hour on your hairs and then rinse your hairs with water. Do not use any soap or shampoo, immediately after the dyeing process.

It is always better to go for natural hair dye instead of chemical ones, because though the natural hair dye does last permanently as compared to that of the chemical hair dyes, it benefits from hair care are eventually long lasting. Your hairs are very precious, and you need to think about your hair health, as well.

So, isn’t it quite simple to dye your gray hairs naturally at home, itself? So, go for it.

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