Spying on Your Dog When You’re Not Home-Why Do It and What’s the Best Way to Do It

If you’re a dog owner, the following scenario is pretty familiar to you: you kiss your dog good-by and leave your home for work, wondering what is your dog is going to do all day long.

Is he going to sit by the window all sad and calm, waiting for you to come home? Is he going to sober or cry for hours or he’s really ok with you leaving and…spend all day barking or sleeping?

As you’re not going to be able to quit your job only for spending your whole day with your dog (even though you may be day dreaming about it), you need to look for some real solutions. Spying on your dog seems like the very next thing to do- especially if you’re missing your dog 24/7 when you’re away from home.

Can you actually spy on your beloved friend?

Truth be told, you’re not actually going to spy on your dog– as you’re not going to hire a private investigator for keeping your eye really close on your dog.

We’re actually talking about getting a pet monitoring camera (the options are so many!) so that you may tune in using your smartphone/computer to check on your dog when you’re miles away from home.

Even if we all do enjoy our privacies, taking a look at your dog from time to time isn’t such a bad idea.

spy on your dog

What are the benefits of pet cameras?

It goes without saying that the main reason for which you should consider getting a pet camera is so that you don’t miss them too much when you’re away from home. However, here are some other reasons to take under consideration:

  • You get to see when he’s not a good boy

No more wondering in the dark; a pet camera is going to show you all the wrongdoings of your dog (if any!) that happen while he’s alone.

A pet camera is going to offer you the possibility to see how great of a pet your dog is. This is even more important when you have more than one dog and you see clearly who’s the “naughty” one.

No more wondering about who chewed the paint brushes: the cat or the dog. Using a pet camera, you’re going to see whose fault is that (and you may be surprised with the results!).

  • you can really get some important info

apart from the less pleasant incidents, pet monitoring cameras can record so many joyful and funny moments of your pets!

You may miss on the funniest moments when you’re away and a pet camera can show you how incredibly funny your pet can be!

  • You’re not going to miss your pet that much

If there would be only one thing to like about the pet cameras, the fact that you may spend some time with your pets all the time would be it.

Should you ever have to travel without your pets, using a pet cam is going to help you deal with the guild of leaving them alone a bit more. Are you at work and need a moment with your pet? Check him on the pet cam! Have you lost your interest and ideas at work? A couple of minutes with your pet can give you a fresh feel and get you back on track!

Sometimes, when you’re not home and just want to come back home faster, taking a peek at your pet at home may give you a bit more strength for hanging in there!

  • It helps you relax

Some of you out there may sit on the fence about the whole pet camera thing as your pet’s sure look fine the moment you walk out of the door. No matter how cute and calm your pet may look like while you’re heading through the door, you may never be too sure so some pet monitoring may not be the worst investment to make.

A pet camera is going to help you check on your pet no matter where you are or for how much time you’re going to be gone. Even if your pet is one lazy one that sleeps all day long, wouldn’t be easier for you to actually see that he does nothing but laying all day long?

Even if some pet monitoring isn’t going to help you see who chewed up your leather shoes or see a funny moment of your pet’s life, simply taking a look at it may fill your day with joy and peace.

What counts when selecting a pet camera?

It makes sense that not all dog security cameras were created equal so you need to know how to make the selection.

No matter the reasons for which you’re going to buy and install a dog security camera, you may want to know a thing or two about your purchase. The dog collar cameras, the dog video cameras, the Wi-Fi dog camera, the dog webcam, the interactive pet monitor- are only few of the options to name and you should be able to know exactly what you need for you and your dog.

Here are some features that you may appreciate on the dog security camera:

  • Remote viewing on phone
  • Audio/two-way audio
  • Pan, zoom and tilt function
  • Motion detection
  • Good night vision

The price range is pretty generous and the more you’re willing to pay, the more you should expect in terms of performance, functions and reliability. Indoor or outdoor 2-way pet/dog security camera featuring HD cameras, pan-tilt functions or good night vision are going to help you see your pet a lot better, but also give you the possibility to verbally reassure your pet using the Smartphone.

For instance, Furbo managed to become one of the most popular pet cameras out there as it’s loaded with features that any modern dog owner is going to appreciate. Using artificial intelligence, the Furbo camera is going to detect when your dog is going to jump on the furniture or jump; it’s also capable to send you “smart dog alerts” and once you get them you may open the Furbo app for checking on your doggo. Does he deserve a treat? Well, things are going to be easy as this camera lets you toss a treat to keep your dog feeling loved.

More often than not, dog owners are going to simply watch their dog sleep for hours, whereas others are going to be able to participate in their dog’s daily adventures. It all depends on your doggo!

Do you have alternatives to dog security cameras?

Pet cams with video, dog Skype camera, pet chat devices with pet phone app, pet sitter camera, nanny cam, home puppy cam, petcam for the dog- they’re amazing alternatives to regular dog security cameras.

If you’re not going to be happy with any of the other options, you may very well take a peek at your dog throughout the day by attaching a GoPro camera to his neck/back.

One last piece of advice

When you’re not around, your beloved dog may do the craziest or funniest thing ever and you’re going to feel so sad about missing it.

A pet camera is going to help you keep an eye on your beloved friend throughout the day and even comforting him when you’re not home. If you’re going with a pet camera with 2-way audio or talking

function, you’re not going to regret it at all! However, you may want to train your dog how to use it before you go to work!

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