The Best Ways for Washing Your Micro Link Hair Extensions &Some Other TLC Tips

Installing micro link hair extensions is all fun and cute (even though the whole process may be a bit more challenging than expected, it has some benefits), but what happens afterward? Are you ready to take care of the hair extensions? Can you wash them? Is there something special you need to do for taking care of the micro link hair extensions? Keep scrolling for finding out the secrets behind proper TLC for micro link hair extensions.

Why do micro link hair extensions need special treatment?

Some of us don’t know, but wet hair is more massive than dry hair. Add the Micro Link Hair Extensions into the equation, and you get to understand the weight of your hair when wet.

For starters, it’s more comfortable for you to split your hair into two sections down the middle of your head. Make some loose ponytails for easier handling too. This little trick is going to help you go through the washing process a lot easier.

When it comes to Micro Link Hair Extensions, there are two main methods to do it right. You may have to comb your Micro Link Hair Extensions with both methods,  but both ways work for straight and wavy textured Micro Link Hair Extensions. You can use either of them when washing your curly texture Micro Link Hair Extensions too.

Method one for washing your Micro Link Hair Extensions

Wash Fake Hair Extensions

With this method, you need to shampoo before water washing your Micro Link Hair Extensions. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Use your fingers and try to detangle the hair while it is dry. Do it carefully and proceed with the ends of your hair, continuing your way towards the micro rings. You shouldn’t tug nor pull any of the knots since you don’t want to damage any of the micro rings.
  • With your hair still dry, get a wide-tooth comb and proceed to comb your hair at the ends. You should always go up towards the micro rings. Never pull or tug at the hair and be gentle when working on the tangling or knots.
  • Get your favorite shampoo and apply some of it onto the scalp. You should do it in an area with no micro ring extensions. Massage the shampoo as you usually do it, without putting physical effort into it.
  • Work the shampoo that is on your scalp gently down the natural hair strands, without skipping the Micro Link Hair Extensions. You may also use a shower comb so that you can spread the shampoo a lot more efficiently. Fingers can work too. Under no circumstance whatsoever you shouldn’t rub your hair in a circular motion. You’re only going to cause tangling.
  • Continue with pouring some lukewarm water over your hair. You can use a bottle or a shower. Grab the section of your hair you’re washing, squeezing it nicely. You need to begin at the top, right close to the micro rings. It’s better to work the ends at last.
  • When you have a shower, you should let the water running. Open and close your hand (just like you would squeeze) as water is running over your hair. Never rub your hair nor the Micro Link Hair Extensions.

If you don’t feel like your hair is clean at the end of it all, you can do it all over again.

What’s the second way of washing your Micro Link Hair Extensions?

You want your Micro Link Hair Extensions to last, which is why you should always be meticulous and careful when washing the hair extensions.

Let’s go over the steps to take for this method:

  • You start with combining the shampoo with a bit of warm water in an empty water bottle. 16oz of water are going to do for two tablespoons of shampoo. You can also use a jug for the mixing. Make sure you don’t use too much shampoo because it can become a lubricant, rending the micro rings slippery. Soon enough, they will all slip down your hair and eventually come off ultimately. Is this what you want?
  • Apply a small amount of the mixture over the top of your head. You only need a bit for washing the scalp.
  • Cleanse your scalp and keep on pouring some of the shampoo mix over your Micro Link Hair Extensions. Don’t put it right on the rings, though.
  • You may spread the shampoo evenly on your hair and Micro Link Hair Extensions with a shower comb. Some may like to use their fingers. As usual, you shouldn’t rub your hair in a circular motion as you may tangle your hair.
  • It’s time to rinse your hair now. Use some lukewarm water over your hair (you can use the bottle or the shower). Grab the whole hair or the section you’re working, carefully squeezing it. Start at the top (close to the micro rings), paying attention to the ends.
  • Should you use the jug or the bottle, you may have to refill it with water over and over again. You have to do it until your hair is rinsed. Open and close the hand holding your hair, while water is running. Needless to say, you shouldn’t rub your hair.

On the side note, keep in mind that you always have to wash your Micro Link Hair Extensions after swimming (no matter if it’s in the pool or the ocean).

What’s to remember when drying your Micro Link Hair Extensions?

drying Hair Extensions

When it comes to drying your hair, you can use either towel or blow-dry the Micro Link Hair Extensions. There are many steps to follow for each of them too, so we’re only sharing the essentials for the moment:

  • Blow drying the Micro Link Hair Extensions

No matter if you have Micro Link Hair Extensions or not, you should always use only low heat setting for blow-drying your hair. It’s tempting to use the high heat setting, but high heat is going to damage your hair and overheat the micro rings too. With the majority of micro rings being made of metal (some come with silicone inserts, but that doesn’t mean that they take high heat either), it’s common sense that you don’t want metal near high heat (metal is a heat conductor, remember?). Micro rings are going to get hot and pose a risk for your scalp when using the high heat setting.

When you’re using the low heat setting, you can also control your hair a lot more efficiently, especially if it’s blasted in various directions.

Nevertheless, when you have Micro Link Hair Extensions, it’s always wiser that you use the heat styling tools to a minimum.

  • Towel drying the Micro Link Hair Extensions

You should gently pat your scalp for drying it. You can use a thick towel for squeezing the hair extensions. Never rub your hair, since you may only cause tangling.

Some recommend using a small towel for drying your hair near to the micro rings.

The last piece of advice

The whole process of Micro Link Hair Extensions doesn’t end with their installation, and you need to be aware of the specialized care they need for a longer lifespan. They’re a significant investment to make, and you want to take care of that investment, right?

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