The Only Tips You Need to Follow when Using Mascara

In all fairness, it’s useless to apply your makeup carefully and to skip mascara. Mascara is so great that you may step out of the house only using a thin layer of mascara (as long as it’s the right type!).

Nude lip color and a good mascara can get you out of a situation when you’re on the run and have no time for the whole makeup process. A good mascara is going to make your eyes look bright, and subtle lip color gives you just the right splash of color on your face. But is it that easy to pull it off or you need some guidance on the way?

The most important rule: choose the right mascara!

The very first thing you need to do when it comes to your mascara is to find the right type for you. The variety of mascara is impressive, so you do need to spend some time choosing right.

Apart from the price or the brand, you should also keep in mind the following aspects when picking your mascara:

  • Abilities

What do you want from your mascara? Do you go for longer lashes or you’re looking for a better volume? There are many options to choose from so do due diligence before selecting. Knowing what you want precisely and need from your mascara is going to count tremendously when deciding.

  • Color

Black isn’t the only color for mascara, and not everyone looks good with black mascara anyway. Even if black is the most popular choice out there, you should do a bit of search before to see which shade of black or which color fits your skin or color of the hair better. For instance, blonde hair is always going to look a lot more natural with brown and not black mascara.

  • Waterproofness

You don’t need to wear waterproof mascara regularly. However, if you sweat a lot or plan a swimming day by the pool, you should consider waterproof mascara. Go with this type of mascara if you have a very long day ahead of you and need to look your best 12 hours from now. If you go with waterproof mascara, shop for a gentle and efficient makeup remover too. Waterproof mascara is famous for requiring some bit of work for getting it off.

What are the tips to follow when applying your mascara?

Mastering the use of mascara is no easy job, but it’s not impossible as long as you remember the next recommendations:

  • Even though it’s tempting, try not to coat the mascara with a pumping action as you’re going to make the air flow into the tube. But it’s not only air going in the tube, as airborne bacteria can get in there too.

Coat the wand with a single move and apply. Use a downward motion on the top lashes and keep the eyes closed while doing it. Open your eyes and coat in just one direction (right to left and then left to right).

It’s better that you use a zig-zag motion for your lower lashes, from right to left and the other way around.

Don’t forget to wipe off the excess mascara with a bit of tissue paper so that you have no clumps.

  • If you go for the curly look (who doesn’t), you should begin with curling your lashes once before you put the mascara on. Do it once again after the mascara has dried.

It’s the most useful trick when it comes to curly lashes. When you want to make them look thicker as well, you can dab and puff the lashes with a bit of translucent powder before applying your mascara.

  • You may also apply mascara by closing your eyes, holding the mascara tight at one corner. Continue with pulling it outward from the down lashes. You should also open your eyes and apply mascara from the bottom and then to the top lashes.

Do it once again and use a zig-zag motion. Keep your eyes shut for 30 seconds or so, allowing the mascara to dry entirely. Comb your lashes for removing any clumps and get the super-sexy finish.

  • Some only need a single coat of mascara, which is perfectly fine. You can get some extra volume by wiggling it. Open your eyes, shaking your top lashes tip with your mascara. You only need to focus on the top and not the entire lashes. Wait until mascara is dried. Wiggle the mascara through the whole body of your lashes when it’s dry. The extra mascara at the tips is going to lift the lashes outwards, giving them more length. Isn’t this the dramatic feel you’ve been looking for?
  • You can also try the colored mascara-it’s very trendy at the moment. Greens, wine reds, purples, and orange are all the rage right now.

Some FAQs for the road

You don’t have to be a makeup artist for obtaining a beautiful result from your mascara. However, you can always get some more info for stepping up your game.

  • Can you apply mascara without clumping?

As long as you’re wiping away the excess product before applying the wand, you shouldn’t have to deal with clumping. If you want more than a single layer, you should always wait until it dries out completely before applying again.

  • Can mascara give your eyelashes length?

There are many mascaras out there that are capable of making your eyelashes look long. Not getting any clumps is going to help a lot too.

  • Can you apply mascara so that they look thick?

Look for a volumizing mascara and apply it several times to achieve a fuller look for the eyelashes. There are plenty of options to choose from.

  • Is it possible to apply mascara without getting it on the eyelids or smudging it?

One of the most important rules to remember when applying your mascara is to look down. If you want to make sure that there isn’t going to be any mascara transfer, it’s best that you go with waterproof mascara.

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