The Pros & Cons You Never Knew when Buying a Latex Mattress

If you’re thinking about going with a latex mattress, apart from the technical details, you should also check a list of pros and cons. Even though a latex mattress (or any other item for your bed for that matter) comes with plenty of good things, it also comes with some downsides. Taking a look at all of them is going to help you decide if the latex mattress is the best choice for you.

What are the main benefits when using a latex mattress?

  • It’s comfortable

If you’re aiming for extreme comfort, the latex mattress is just the right option for you. When you’re going to lie down on a latex mattress for the very first time, you’re going to be amazed by the soft sinking feel, but also by the buoyant supportive sensation. The main reason for this feeling is the natural springiness of latex, which stands out as one of the most comfortable choices.

  • It provides natural spine alignment

Another great thing about a latex mattress is that it can sustain a good spine alignment. Some heavier parts of your body (shoulders, hips) are going to sink into the latex, whereas the lighter areas are still going to remain supported, naturally aligning the spine. The support of your natural curvature of the spine is an amazing benefit of the latex mattress which can keep pain at a distance. Also, the effective pressure distribution improves your blood circulation.

  • It alleviates sleep-related pain

A latex mattress is a valid option for anyone struggling with back or joint pain. It’s quite common for the physical therapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths to promote the latex mattress for alleviating pain. The comfort and the right amount of cushioning that latex can provide, along with its natural ability to sustain the natural spine alignment, turn the latex mattress in one solid choice when you’re in pain during your sleep.

  • It’s all natural

In case you didn’t know, latex is a natural product, and it’s made from the sap of the rubber tree. The milky-white sap goes through various processes until it becomes the comfy foam mattress block. Its springiness is caused by the natural properties of latex. Due to its all-natural origin, you shouldn’t stress at all about the latex mattress containing any toxic chemicals or metals.

  • It presents natural resistance to dust mites and mold

Another interesting fact about latex is that it’s naturally mold resistant, but it also resists to dust mites, without needing the use of chemicals. This alone becomes an important advantage, especially if you’re living in a humid climate. There are plenty of types of mattresses that have no resistance at all, leading to mold growth. At the same time, there are types of mattresses that to resist to mold, but that’s only because of the addition of harsh chemicals.

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You don’t want to sleep on a mattress with dust mites or mold, but you don’t want to sleep on one that is loaded with chemicals. Therefore, latex is the ideal choice in terms of hygiene and healthier sleeping environment.

  • It’s naturally allergen free

Here’s some news for you: most of the allergies in the bedroom are caused by your body’s reaction to proteins caused by the mold or dust mites. A latex mattress is naturally resistant to dust mites and mold as it simply doesn’t contain the annoying allergens. If you’re struggling with allergies year-round, a latex mattress may be your salvation.

  • It has no metal

A latex mattress presents a zero-metal content, which is another reason for which you should consider switching to one. A spring coil mattress features metal springs, and it’s believed that they increase the electromagnetic radiation. They act just like an antenna, and that’s never a good thing.

  • It presents amazing air circulation

Latex presents a natural open-cell structure, which ensures an effective air flow. At the same time, several pinholes are added during its processing, which only improves the airflow even more. The amazing air circulation provides a cooler night’s sleep- this is great news especially for a humid summer. But it’s not only the comfort that improves but also the hygiene. Due to the better air ventilation, perspiration isn’t going to linger nor make the latex mattress get a damp feel.

  • It doesn’t transmit movement that easy

The efficient natural resiliency of latex also means that some movement on one side isn’t going to be transmitted to the other side. If you’re sleeping with your partner, you’re both going to be able to sleep better as neither of you is going to wake up from the movement on the other side of the bed.

  • It’s long lasting

When you’re getting a latex mattress, chances are you’re not going to have to buy another mattress any time soon. A latex mattress is, in fact, a lot more durable than other types of mattresses. Its impressively long lifespan is one of its main assets, which only can help you decide easier.

  • It’s eco-friendly

When you’re going to buy a 100% pure latex mattress, you’re also going to support the growth of the rubber tree. When the rubber tree is tapped for collecting the latex-containing sap, the tree isn’t killed. This is why the production of latex mattress is sustaining the growth of rubber trees. Plantations are well taken care of so that the growth remains sustainable. We all know that trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, so you’re going to help the environment when getting a latex mattress. Now that we’re here keep in mind that you can go online and seek for the best offers. A latex mattress could be only the first one to consider, but you may also buy latex toppers, latex pillows and more. The coupons discounts are going to be helpful when you’re thinking about switching to latex.

Are there any downsides to consider?

Latex isn’t perfect (but no material is), but its downsides shouldn’t become deal breakers. However, let’s see the minor flaws of a latex mattress:

  • It’s not lightweight

Typically, a latex mattress is going to be heavier than many other types of mattresses. Let’s highlight that mattresses come in a great range of weights, depending on the materials used and the density. However, the chances are that a latex mattress is going to require a bigger effort when lifted or moved. This is a minor downside as you’re not going to be moving the latex mattress every single day.

  • It’s not that cheap

Latex mattresses are a bit pricier than regular spring coil mattresses or the PU foam mattresses. Remember that, the more you pay, the more you get, and that’s the case for the latex mattresses. Even if you’re paying the extra buck upfront, keep in mind that you’re getting a more durable, healthier and comfortable mattress. You’re going to sleep better, wake up with no back pain nor sweaty. Besides, a good spring coil mattress is going to cost a lot more than a latex mattress and not even present the same benefits as the latex one.

One last thing for the road

A latex mattress is going to provide stellar quality of performance, and the goods outweigh the bad- by far, we may add. Not only that you’re going to sleep better, but you’re also going to wake up well rested and healthier, no allergic reactions whatsoever. And that’s going to happen for a very long time since it’s going to be long until you’re going to have to change it.

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