Thermal Insulated Curtains-All The Things You Should Know Before Buying

When decorating your home, the chances are that you’re going to find out about the thermal insulated curtains.

Do Thermal Insulated Curtains Work?

Thermal Insulated Curtains Review

For those of you that still doubt about the functionality and utility of thermal insulated curtains, we’re going to start by highlighting that this type of curtains can bring a change for the better in your home.

The thermal insulated curtains aren’t just going to control the indoor temperatures, but they’re also going to increase the comfort in your home and cutting down your energy bills.

Keep in mind that not all thermal curtains are going to provide the same performance, and you also need to use the right type for your needs.

How do thermal insulated curtains work?

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Also known as insulated curtains, the thermal insulated curtains are retaining heat inside the home just as your winter coat is keeping you warm in the cold winter.

They’re made of fabric that is insulated, thick, but also is lined with several layers for increased performances.

Most of the thermal insulated curtains present a specific build:

  • Decorative layer- is the fabric that you expose
  • Foam core- it’s the layer made of high-density foam inside the material, blocking heat transfer out of the room. It also absorbs the sound waves
  • Vapor barrier-it’s made with a non-breathable fabric so that the foam isn’t going to absorb moisture from condensation

The thermal insulated curtains are going to create an air capsule between the window and the curtain so that the warmth is going to remain inside the room and doesn’t escape through the window. You may find curtains that come with closures (Velcro strips), so you may seal them to the wall, increasing their efficiency.

What are the benefits of insulation?

benefits of insulation curtains

Thermal insulated curtains aren’t just going to keep your house warmer during winter time. They may also lower the needs for heating, maintain the heating system in good shape (as it’s not going to run continuously), improving the comfort in your home.

Let’s see what are the main benefits:

  • They low the heating spending

As the thermal insulated curtains are going to keep the home warmer, you’re not going to have to run the heater as much or often as before. It’s why this type of curtains is a common choice for the hotels. They’re more durable and lower the energy costs.

  • They provide comfort

Thermal insulated curtains are going to lower the heat loss from the window up to 25%. They can also block the cold chills coming from the windows, which is suitable for your level of comfort.

  • They provide sound insulation

Not only that the thermal insulated curtains are blocking heat loss, but they can also control the noise from getting inside your house. Even if they cannot help with total silence, they can still stifle a lot of the noise from the busy parks or roads nearby.

How do the blackout curtains differ from the thermal curtains?

blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are made of dense/layered fabric which is woven tightly. Suede, velvet, or felt are common choices. They can also come with a blackout liner, for more efficiency.

The blackout curtains are designed for keeping the light coming into your home, but they can also insulate your home as they block the direct sunlight. You shouldn’t use iron, bleach or machine wash the blackout curtains as you may ruin them for good.

On the other hand, thermal curtains come with double and even triple layers of heavy fabric. They also feature a thick backing of material which insulates them and a vapor barrier. They can be made of cotton, polyester, or wool and work as sound barriers as well. You need to carefully read the instructions for cleaning and keeping them in top shape.

Do insulated curtains save money?

As thermal insulated curtains are going to lower the need for using the heater all the time, it’s more than evident that they’re going to cut down your energy bills. As you no longer use the heater 24/7, it’s also going to help with its lifespan, working efficiently for a longer time.

This type of curtains is excellent for summer time as it blocks the direct sunlight get inside the house. Your house is going to feel more relaxed, so you may not have to use your AC that often. And not using your AC as often also means lower electricity bills.

How to choose thermal insulated curtains?

When you’re shopping for curtains, you need to know what your needs are. You don’t want to end up with some regular curtains that are only thick, but not thermally insulated as well.

Stay away from the single-layered curtains as they only provide thick fabric and poor insulation abilities. It’s also a wise idea to void the curtains with a flimsy extra layer that isn’t sewn tightly onto the curtain fabric.

You should look for curtains that come with a sturdy foam core and have a durability feel to the build. Don’t forget to make the measurements of the window and to add the extra length as you want them to overlap the floor.

One last suggestion

thermal insulated curtains view

Getting thermal insulated curtains isn’t enough, and you also need to use them right to get the best out of them. The tighter the seal between the wall and your curtains, the better their performance is going to be.

You should hang the drapes close to the windows and the ceiling. When that’s not possible, you should install a valance for blocking the heat escape over the top of the curtain. You may obtain even better results when hanging two curtains over just one window.

You want to use the sun’s warmth during the wintertime, so open the thermal insulated curtains throughout the day. Don’t forget to close them again when the sun comes down. You can also use Velcro strips and magnetic tape for sealing the curtains tight to the wall.

It’s also a good thing to open the curtains and now and then so that the moisture doesn’t buildup on the vapor barrier, which poses a risk for mildew growth. Keep them clean and take them to dry cleaner regularly.

If you feel that your home gets chilly during winter or if you’re paying too much for the heating bills, the thermal insulated curtains are valid options and don’t empty your pockets either. However, you need to choose well-made, sturdy, rightly sized curtains that you’re going to install tight to your windows for best performances.

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