Useful and Important Bridal Mascara Tips

The wedding is a big day in your life, and every bride wants to look beautiful. This is why good makeup is essential for any bride. It is necessary to highlight your eyes with pretty eye makeup on your wedding day as you will be the center of attraction on your wedding day. Any eye makeup will be considered incomplete with mascara. Mascara is designed to make your eyes look more beautiful and pretty. It can be used to darken, thicken, lengthen, or define your eyelashes in the way you want it to be. Hence, wearing the perfect mascara is an essential aspect of bridal make-up. Here are some crucial tips for brides on how to use mascara:

Use Waterproof mascara

When it comes to bridal makeup, eye makeup can be a tricky subject. Brides must use waterproof mascara to make sure it lasts all day. Any non-waterproof mascara fades quickly or washes away easily with just a little moisture. Plus, with tears of happiness that may or may not decide to make an appearance, you will surely not want to deal with black streaks running down your face.

Test your mascara

If you are not a regular user of waterproof mascara (take a look at this article), you can give it a try for special, teary-eyed occasions like your wedding. But it is essential to give your bridal makeup and especially a test drive during your bridal shower. You don’t want any makeup malfunctions on your big day.

Use your mascara

In case, you have booked a make-up artist to apply your bridal makeup, ask the makeup artist to use your mascara. Mascara holds bacteria, and you surely don’t want an eye infection on the day of your wedding!

Handle the mascara carefully

To make your waterproof mascara last for long, don’t pump air into the tube while getting the mascara onto the applicator wand. The best way is to scrape the wand around the inside edge of the mascara tube as you will have more mascara on the wand this way. Also, keep the lid of your waterproof mascara tightly closed so that it does not dry up.

Mascara shades

For bridal makeup, black mascara is the first choice. Black mascara creates the strongest illusion as it suits almost everyone except blonde brides. Blondes should opt for brown/black mascara for their wedding. Well, even others can use mascara in the soft brown shade if you want to keep your makeup minimal or straightforward. Never go for a colored mascara like blue mascara, pink mascara for your wedding.

Use the best quality mascara

Always get the waterproof mascara from one of the best mascara brands for your wedding. In case you are not a regular user of waterproof mascara, it is important to test your new mascara on your eyes lashes before the day. If you have an allergic reaction, this will allow enough time to purchase and test another brand.

Eyelash primer is useful

Eyelash primer must be applied to the eyelashes before mascara. An eyelash primer helps in creating more surface area for the mascara to cover, making the eyelashes look thicker and longer.

Apply other eye makeup first

Before applying mascara, accentuate your eyes with other eye make-up. Define your eyes with dark eyeliner and use rich eyeshadow colors on your lids. This is important as you may need to redo the application of mascara if you do not use the eyeliner or makeup properly.

Curl your eyelashes

For better result, first, curl your eyelashes, and then apply a high-quality waterproof mascara to make it look flawless and beautiful. Before using the curler, make it warm to shoot warm air from your blow dryer on the mascara curler.

Coat properly

When applying waterproof mascara, take your time to coat every single lash and even the smallest one. A single coat will do the magic but if you want the second coat of mascara, apply it only when the first coat is dry completely, or it will start flaking off. And also there will also be clumps. You can make your eyelashes look longer if you apply the second coat on the tips of your lashes.

Highlight your lashes

Mascara can be applied to the top eyelashes for a ‘heavy-lidded’ look, or to the bottom lashes to widen the eyes. Remember the fact that mascara always works well for an alluring and dramatic look. However, it is usually recommended to apply mascara only on the upper lashes. If you are applying mascara on the bottom lashes, remember it should be given a light touch. It is always better to apply on bottom lashes first and then to upper lashes.

Eyelash comb

Once you are done with applying mascara onto your lashes, you need to use an eyelash comb to keep your lashes glob-free and perfectly separated. Using an eyelash comb is easy. Just wiggle the lash comb through to the tips of your lashes.

Take care of smudges

In case there are any mascara smudges you need to remove them to get a nice look. Take a small cotton bud dipped in baby oil and placed it on the top of the stain, and gently rotate in place until it comes off. Make sure your other eye make-ups are in place.

Do not rub or wipe tears

It is important to remember that once you have the waterproof mascara on your eyelashes, do not rub or wipe your tears. Crying on your wedding day is normal, and there is nothing you can do to stop your tears. Instead, you can blot your tears as it will soak up wetness without disturbing the rest of your bridal makeup. Never rub the tears away on your wedding day.

Well, with mascara as mentioned above tips for bridal makeup, any bride will have beautiful eye makeup. Remember that mascara is the last and final touch of style to your eyes that will make your eyes look bigger and brighter! So, be careful in selecting the best mascara and apply them on to your eyelashes with full confidence.