Waist Trainer for Plus Size Women-The Fundamental Guide to Read before Buying

In an era where many are praising the skinny, and the slim, plus size, women often forget what makes them so unique in this world. Many are spending thousands of dollars on getting what plus-size women already have: curves! It’s pretty standard for plus size women to already have junk in the trunk, but that’s just one thing to mention.

Plus size women should flaunt their perks and realize that they don’t need any butt or breast implants to get the “voluptuous” look that society is promoting.

Why do plus women need to consider waist train?

waist trains

Truth be told, both skinny and plus-size women (and men) can benefit from waist training. Waist training is a way for supporting the weight loss process, but it’s somewhat of the method (highly efficient, we might add) for changing the shape of your body (in a right way).

Did you ever run into a plus-size woman seeming to have the beautiful curves in all the right places? Some slim women can also have a sexy hourglass shape, and one can only wonder how did that happen?

It’s where the waist training comes in the picture since it’s capable of improving the current shape of your body, no matter the size of your body.

Waist trainers are going to help you obtain the attractive hourglass figure, accentuating your natural curves, and helping you feel more feminine.

You should also understand that it’s fundamental to use the right size for your waist trainer. A shopping guide has never been more useful; we gather.

What to check when choosing your waist trainer?

Even though the color or the looks of it matter, the waist trainer is supposed to be functional, more than anything else. To be effective, you should pay attention to a couple of things before placing your order:

  • Always get the right size

The size is fundamental when selecting your waist trainer, especially considering the variety of sizes amongst women. A waist trainer that is too small is going to feel uncomfortable, and it’s not going to help you obtain the hourglass shape you dream about.

You should do due diligence about it and check the sizing guides for waist trainers. Remember that the size refers to a fully-laced waist trainer. It’s supposed to be six inches smaller than the current size of your waist.

A respected manufacturer is going to ensure a size chart to help you choose the size. It’s also possible that different manufacturers have different size charts, so don’t forget it when buying from various manufacturers. Better yet, always double-check the size and take your measurements before clicking the button.

  • Pay attention to boning

The type of boning is fundamental when it comes to waist trainers. It’s even more critical in the case of plus size waist trainers since it’s going to impact the level of support and the quality of cinching.

Here are the most common materials used for boning:

  • Plastic Boning

It’s the most affordable choice, for sure. If you’re only looking to see if waist training is for you, you should try a plastic boning first. You can get an idea about how it feels and helps you decide whether you want to pay the high dollar for more top quality or not.

  • Steel boning

It’s a far more effective model since it can provide results that no plastic waist trainer is ever going to be able to give.

Steel-boned waist trainers may come with flat or spiral boning. The spiral boning is more flexible than the flat type, allowing you to move freely. It also ensures a lot of support, which makes it both capable and comfortable. The flat steel bones are placed only at the front busk and lacing bones, which makes them less convenient, but also useful.

  • Double-boned waist trainers

They give the most impressive results, and they’re made of steel, most of the time. They create great support and lead to tighter cinching, reducing the waistline with a couple of inches faster than other types of waist trainers.

  • Overbust or underbust?

Waist trainers come in two main categories: overbust and underbust. Many curvy women like the overbust waist trainers since they don’t need to wear a bra as well. The name is a tail teller, with the overbust waist trainers featuring cups for supporting and pushing the breasts up. When you’re selecting an overbust waist trainer, you also need to check the bust size so that it fits well in all areas.

As the name suggests it, the underbust waist trainer doesn’t cover your breasts, and you need to wear a bra with it as well. It also covers the waist and the hips, going up the ribcage and finishing right under your breasts. It’s more subtle than an overbust waist trainer and works great for women with smaller breasts.

  • Go over the reviews and the company’s reputation

Once you figured out the size and the type of waist trainer you need and want, you should go online and see what other plus size women have to say about the model you intend to buy. Customers are always going to provide the info you cannot find in the labels. How a waist trainer feels, what’s the level of comfort or the results it gives is information you cannot find out from the manufacturer.

You should read as much as you can about a waist trainer so that you can obtain a clear picture of it. The more information you gather, from different sources, the more precise the image is going to be.

A respected manufacturer is going to offer plenty of information about its products. Try to get all the details from all sources before placing your order.

One last recommendation before you go shopping!

Take your time when selecting your waist trainer. To get the best results and to feel comfortable throughout the whole process, you need to choose what your body needs precisely. Think about the results you plan to achieve and don’t forget about the looks too. No matter how functional a waist trainer has to be, you shouldn’t leave the appearance out of sight either. Take a look at your wallet too, since you don’t want to end up with a cheap lemon.

Remember that being a plus-size woman is bliss and not a course. Every woman is pretty in her way, even though she forgets how to feel more appealing from time to time. And waist trainer is one way to do it, for sure.


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