What is The Best Instant Coffee?

Is there really a best instant coffee? If you had asked me last year i would have said an emphatic “NO!” But things seem to have improved slightly this year in regards to the quality of some brands of instant coffee. Now trying to find a good instant coffee is not really a big deal if that is all you are used to drinking on a daily basis.

But if you are used to either coffee from a cafetiere or even a single serve coffee machine then you will know as well as i do that if you then try to drink a cup of instant coffee your first urge will be to spit it out there and then and never touch the stuff again!

But unfortunately there are always times and places where preparing and drinking an instant coffee is more preferable to trying to get a real cup of machine coffee. If you are out camping or are on holiday or even visiting family or friends, then unless you pack your coffee machine with you, you are going to need some sort of alternative choice. This is where instant coffee is the most easily accessible and quicker alternative.

But the problem starts when you want to try and get the best tasting instant or freeze dried coffee you can get. For example before i started drinking real coffee, my favourite instant coffee’s where either Nescafe Original or Kenco Really Rich Coffee. I used to think they where the best out of all the other coffees, that was until i tried Cart Noire, when the price was reduced one day in my local supermarket.

Now that particular instant coffee tasted great and i could not get enough of it! But then i did something silly and decided that i wanted to buy myself a single serve coffee machine, so i went out and bought myself a Dolce Gusto Piccolo Machine. I have to say the taste was out of this world, i could not get enough of the different flavours and styles of coffee, from latte’s to cappuccinos, from lungo’s to espresso’s.

The only downside to this is that apart from the fact that they can be a little bit more expensive then instant coffee, they are also not really the things you think of taking with you when you are away on holiday, or staying at friends. So the hunt for a decent cup of instant coffee began!

Best Instant Coffee

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I have to say that at the moment the best instant coffee for me has to be Kenco Millicano Whole Bean Instant Coffee. When i was forced to have to buy a tin of coffee i chose this one because apart from the adverts i had seen on the television it was also expensive compared to the other coffees on sale at the store, so i thought that must be an indicator to the actual quality of the drink.

I have to say that it is pretty good for an instant coffee, as long as you give the hot water a few minutes to go off boil before you pour it into the cup, it will reward you with a decent cup of instant coffee. Now i would never say that it was just as good as my machine coffee, because it was not. But it was very drinkable and i did not really suffer from any withdrawal symptoms for my Dolce Gusto Piccolo.

I think that it is that good that i have brought another tin of Millicano for those times when i need a quick cup of coffee or when my supplies of capsules for my little piccolo machine are running low! Anyway with this new surprise discovery i thought i would go out and try some other makes of instant coffee to see if the kenco millicano can be improved upon. I am sure there must be better instant coffee’s out there so now i am going to hunt them down and do a best instant coffee review.

So if you are a coffee freak and only want the best instant coffee, then follow along with me as we find out who makes the best tasting instant coffee available today!

Just as a side note i am aware that if you are in the united states you may not be aware of kenco millicano, but from what i have read on the good old internet there is a coffee that is supposed to be quite good and that is “Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee ” but do not take my word for it because i have not tasted it so can only go on what other people are saying.